A New Read

Book, Penguin Press, Jazz, Bohemians, Bootleggers, Flappers, Vanity Fair

I was flipping through Vanity Fair the other day, the one with Robert Downey Jr. on the cover? And I came across a new book coming out by Penguin Press at the end of October. It is called Bohemians, Bootleggers, Flapper, & Swells. It is the best of early Vanity Fair.

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Comfortable Shoes, Happy Feet

EuroSoft, Shoes, Comfort

I used to be able to walk around and stand in high heels all the time. Well, maybe not for 8 and 9 hours at a time. And certainly not on a concrete floor. So, I had to break down and get some comfortable shoes for my new positions with Jo Malone London.

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Dallas Bound Today


Y’all say a prayer for me today. I am Dallas-bound for some training with Jo Malone London. I’m living out loud and getting on a plane with no masks, no hazmat suit, or anti-bacterial wipes. I’m just gonna go for it.

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A New Career, A New Look

Estee Lauder Ballerina Pink Pure Color

With my new career, calls for a whole new look, not just in clothing but in makeup and appearance as well. The attire is black with a pop of white. Or black pants and white top but normally I wear a black jacket over my white top. I think it just looks classier. It is a more polished look with a jacket.

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A New Personal Record in CrossFit

CrossFit, Overhead Squats, Personal Record, Fitness

Listen, every day that I go to CrossFit is a new personal record, trust me. Ha! But, this morning was a little different. I have done Overhead Squats (OHS) before and I remember the last time I did a 1RM of a OHS was at 70# or 75#. So, this morning when we actually worked for 15 minutes on finding a 1RM of an OHS I knew I wanted to try for a new PR – on purpose!

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A New Career Requires a New Planner

Daily Project, Planner, Calendars, Organization, Mochthings.com

I start my new career tomorrow with Estee Lauder as a Jo Malone London Senior Stylist. This, of course, requires a new planner. I loved my Moleskine bullet journal while working at my previous job. It came in handy and worked well with both work and personal. But I don’t need a bullet journal for my new position with Jo Malone London.

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A New Beginning, Big Change

Jo Malone, Estee Lauder, Belk, Bridge Street, Huntsville

Well hello there my little Love Bunnies and Moxie Bees! I hope you are doing well and have big plans for the upcoming weekend. I am going to a wedding tomorrow! It’s always nice to be in the presence of a blissful union.

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Our New Orleans Trip in Photos


I just learned about Storify this weekend, thanks to my friend Constance Smith. So I thought I’d share our New Orleans trip through Storify. It was a good trip, it was work-related and that was good too. The Gent and I did find some time to get out and about to enjoy the local culture.

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Rebranding and Bullet Journaling

Bullet Journal

So, the new blog, or new site. It is still me, the same ole Carol Ann Marks. I’m still blogging pretty much the same stuff; adventures in CrossFit, getting older, and life in general. But I wanted a brand. No one really cared about Carol Ann Marks, who the hell is that anyway? A brand though, ah, that’s different. Everyone loves a brand.

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