Rebranding and Bullet Journaling

Bullet Journal

So, the new blog, or new site. It is still me, the same ole Carol Ann Marks. I’m still blogging pretty much the same stuff; adventures in CrossFit, getting older, and life in general. But I wanted a brand. No one really cared about Carol Ann Marks, who the hell is that anyway? A brand though, ah, that’s different. Everyone loves a brand.

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What Are The Rules On Grunting In CrossFit?


I don’t know if there is a no grunting rule in CrossFit or not but I was grunting up a storm in this afternoon’s WOD. Yes, I Googled it trying to find a real answer. The results were mixed. I will try not to grunt anymore. About half way through I was getting some looks from some in the other room, so I tried to curtail my box jump grunts. “Sorry, y’all!

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Bourbon Street, French Quarter, New Orleans


Here we are in New Orleans for a work-related Public Relations Conference. It is my first time visit. I have had absolutely no desire to visit New Orleans in the past. I chalk it up to watching too many episodes of COPS back in the day. Plus, all that news coverage from Katrina didn’t help either.

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Whole Life Challenge Newb


Today I signed up for my very first Whole Life Challenge. I’ve known people who have done this challenge, who have participated in it and have gotten amazing results. Of course, me on the other hand, always balked at signing up for the fun and games. “It’s too hard!” “It’s too involved and detailed and overwhelming!” Those were my go-to excuses. Me, being lazy and complacent.

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CrossFit, Year Two Coming Up


Here I go talking about CrossFit again. I have a feeling I’ll be blogging and writing about it a lot from now on.

Things have changed with CrossFit. Things are about to get real. At least I hope so. At least that is my goal and vision.

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I Think I Have A Problem


My name is Carol and I am a caffeine addict. Oh, I’m also a journal addict.

This little tiny cup of heaven was taken this morning when I had an early morning meeting at Atlanta Bread Company; $2.50 worth of a double shot espresso. Yum! And yes, it was delicious. I thought the image I took was quite striking so I am sharing it here.

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Eric Carmody, CrossFit, and Me


Most people who know me know that I participate in CrossFit. I absolutely LOVE CrossFit. I started CrossFit about a year ago and no one is more surprised than me about how much I love it. I was terrified to give it a try before and even in my first Fundamentals class, when the trainer asked everyone to tell him what they expected or wanted out of CrossFit, I simply said, “I’m terrified.”
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This Week In Reading


With my son being gone to boot camp and all the horrific news in the world, I’m still trying to carve out some sort of normalcy. I do have another place I can vent but it won’t be here in front of the house.

So, we shall continue….
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Was I Enough?


Was I enough? I suppose I could also ask it any number of ways; did I do enough, was I good enough, did I praise enough, did I discipline enough, did I teach enough, did I hug enough, did I love enough? I’m talking about being a mom. To my son, in particular. A son who is 17-years old and is now at Fort Sill doing his Army basic training for National Guard.

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