2012 Preparation

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2012 Preparation

So I’ve decided to take this coming week off from work. It’s for a couple of different reasons. The number 1 reason is to spend some time with The Boy before he has to go back to school and the number 2 reason is to hopefully get some cleaning and organizing done around the house to get ready for 2012. I want to enter this year with a simple, healthy, and organized attitude.

Some areas that I seriously need to tend to around the house are:

  • My dresser drawers
  • My closet
  • Bathroom
  • Desk and bedroom
  • So yeah, all of my personal areas of the house! I need to clean out, toss some things, and do some organizing. Small projects but overdue for sure. It always makes me feel better to clean and organize my life.

    I should probably do something with the car too. It is starting to have an odor. It has over 260,000 miles on it and it’s going down hill fast (interior-wise) but it still runs great. I need to give it a good once over; buffing, vacuuming, shining, and so forth.

    Oh and if I have time, I’ll get around to the kitchen cabinets. I’ll save those for last.

    Besides, this would make for some good blog posts; before and after photographs. Also, if I blog it then I definitely have to do it now, huh?

    What about you? Do you have any year-end traditions?


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