A Glance Into 2017
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2017 A New Year

2017 A New Year

2017 A New Year

I never have loved ringing in a New Year. It always depresses me. The first week or so of a New Year I get all weird, sad, and depressed. I don’t know why, I just do. It’s the same with my birthday. I think maybe it’s just a yearly reminder of what a loser I am! LOL

Nonetheless, I know the feeling will pass and life goes on and I will be fine. It’s why I love the little things sometimes, like this….

My friend Constance tagged me with this giphy on Facebook the other day and it cracked me up so much. First of all, I ADORE Meryl Streep and secondly, well, it’s just too funny and true.

I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions in the traditional sense. I just always try to resolve to be a better person or concentrate on some quality I’d like to develop or improve.

In 2017 I do have a couple of goals, one of them is to get my Level 1 CrossFit Certification. I have a plan of action to achieve it and it’s already in play.

Some other things I’d like to do in 2017 is to live a more simple life and get rid of a ton of crap; physically, emotionally, and mentally. I want to strategically plan how I am going to live my life by putting some new things in place while also getting rid of some old habbits, things, relationships.

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