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30 Things I Loved About Growing Up GenX

30 Things I Loved About Growing Up GenX

30 Things I Loved About Growing Up GenX

For #BlogLikeCrazy writing prompt today, I am to share 30 Things I Love Right Now. Well, since this is my normal Generation-X Friday column, I’ll do 30 Things I Loved About Generation-X, when I was growing up.

30 Things I Loved About Growing Up GenX

[1] freedom as a kid [2] the corny television sitcoms [3] The Bionic Woman [4] Izod Lacoste (all the colorful polos with the alligators) [5] Jordache jeans [6] Nike Retro Lifestyle Leathers [7] Feathered Hair/Bangs [8] Indiana Jones [9] The Breakfast Club [10] Ferris Bueller [11] The Huxtables [12] riding our bikes all over town [13] being a latchkey kid [14] pre-Internet childhood [15] but we did have the best of both worlds as we learned and entered the personal computer in every house era as adults [16] real albums [17] mixed tape [18] Polaroid pictures [19] Drive-in movies [20] Skating, the Roller Rink [21] Local Radio Stations/DJs [22] Coming in at dark [23] Spending the whole summer with grandparents [24] Mini-series; The Thorn Birds, Roots, Shogun [25] thinking that staying up late to sneak watch Benny Hill was really something risky [26] early Madonna [27] MTV and the VJs [28] one-hour worth of news per night [29] The Wonderful World of Disney [30] homey, cozy, and warm Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays.

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