50 Things This Year

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50 Things This Year

50 Things This Year

Last year, on my birthday when I turned 49-years old, I did a 49 Things list. I seem to be a little late with my 50 Things This Year list but here it is nonetheless. Enjoy.

50 Things This Year

A random list of stuff I like, love, learned, lust, lost, lamented, and long-for. And I may repeat some things from last time.

1. I don’t think I want as much “stuff” anymore.
2. Scaling back and living a more simple life.
3. I worked hard on my #MoxieFit50 challenge and I like the results. It will continue.
4. Let others be.
5. Most everything is none of my business.
6. I love CrossFit and my coaches.
7. It doesn’t matter what people think of me.
8. AfroBrutality’s Instagram account is awesome.
9. I met Shellie Edington and it was fabulous!
10. Traveled to and vacationed in Portland, Maine
11. Traveled to and spent the weekend in Tunica, Mississippi
12. Traveled to and spent the weekend in Nashville (Opryland).
13. Traveled to Ohio a few times.
14. Spent Halloween as a silent film actress with my Dad, step Mom and their friends.
15. I voted, and opted to utilize Alabama’s write-in vote for the very first time.
16. I received a new car this year (used car but new to me).
17. Both the kids moved out this year.
18. Experimented and tried out the fashionista label on the blog for a short little while.
19. Participated in the CrossFit Open 2016.
20. Created an April blogging challenge and completed it #BlogSpringFever
21. Started acquiring equipment for a home gym.
22. Learned the true nature of some people.
23. Read a few books.
24. Lost some weight and inches.
25. Connected with other GenX people and collaborating with them on projects.
26. Got new floors in the house, due to a major water leak from the water heater.
27. Went through some planners, a lot of them. My goal is to stick with ONE this year.
28. Traveled to Atlanta for job training.
29. The Gent bought me a new firearm.
30. My priorities have changed, a lot.
31. Turned down a new job in sales and regretting it.
32. I am enjoying being 50, so far.
33. Paying off debt at rapid speed and for a good reason.
34. Plan on getting my Level 1 Certification in CrossFit this year.
35. My Mom unfriended me on Facebook and sent me a nasty email. I deserved it.
36. The Priest who married The Gent and me passed away. He was 64, heart attack.
37. I visited a few CrossFit boxes this year. Portland, Maine; Portsmouth, Ohio; and Atlanta, Georgia.
38. I ate rabbit for the first time. It was good.
39. Discovered how to make 1-banana/2-egg pancakes. Delicious!
40. Unfriended and unfollowed some folks. Nothing personal. Weeding out.
41. Still letting my hair grow out. It is taking F O R E V E R !!!
42. I only did two blog posts in November.
43. I love peanut butter.
44. I hate SnapChat and I am tired of seeing silly filters on everyone.
45. Tried out Periscope.
46. Revived my YouTube Channel and don’t know why. May go back to Periscope.
47. I am hopeful for 2017 but still holding my breath a little.
48. Still focusing on not reacting to things and people. Takes a lot of work.
49. Focus. Focus. Focus. Focus. One short term goal, maybe two. That’s it.
50. Don’t plan. Don’t dream. Don’t expect. Just live. Enjoy what I already have.

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