A December Preview

A December Preview

A December Preview

Today is Sunday, November 29th, and we are celebrating our Thanksgiving today. I work retail and The Gent works in the golf industry so we delayed our Thanksgiving day to today, on Sunday. So, while we are throwing down with some turkey and football I leave you with a preview of what to expect on the blog in December. Enjoy.

A December Preview

  • #BlogLikeCrazy is over so I will not be blogging every single day, more than likely.
  • Expect more of the same as far as Grit, Glam, and GenerationX is concerned.
  • Mondays = Grit; Wednesdays = Glam; Fridays = GenX.
  • Moxie Shorts will continue as well.
  • I am hoping to do some shopping guides for December. I did this a few years ago on the blog but I did it for the Writers. This year I am doing three guides – one for the (you guessed it) The Grit Girl, The Glam Girl, and the GenerationX Girl.
  • Fitness improvements, another topic in the Grit section I will blog about. I hope to do some comparison fitness results when it comes to WODS and improvement in performance.
  • A year in review, perhaps? I’m still thinking about this one. I haven’t fully made up my mind just yet.
  • Thought about doing a Holiday Hollywood movie re-inspired outfit posts. This would take a considerable amount of work, so we shall see.
  • End-of-year but the beginning of a New Year – perhaps that means a new style goal too?
  • A birthday post. Yes, I have a belly-button birthday coming up.
  • I am hoping to be on Periscope more in December.
  • Every year around this time I normally do a closet reset. This means I clean out the closet and get organized.
  • Plan for more Beepers & Big Bangs interviews in the GenerationX section.
  • Speaking of getting organized, I thought I would work on getting other areas of the house trimmed down and decluttered. Be on the lookout for those posts as well. Maybe.
  • Alopecia and head tattoos. Yes, you read that correctly.

I have a feeling December is going to fly by! Don’t you?

I realize that today is November 29th and we have one more day of #BlogLikeCrazy. I will do a recap and a What I Learned post for November 30th.

Thanks for reading and show me Your Moxie!

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