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A New Journal

A New Journal

While I was out and about today doing my Christmas shopping and happily finding things for my loved ones, I did end up splurging on this one item for myself.

I purchased this in Barnes & Noble and I love it. I don’t know how many pages is within the journal but it is a lot. It is thick with blank pages waiting for me. I plan to use this for my Morning Pages. I will also carry it around with me and use it for taking down notes and other writerly things.

journal 4

This morning, I used the last three pages in my Moleskine Cahier notebook. I needed to buy some more. So I did go into Barnes & Noble to originally buy more of the Cahier notebooks. Of course, whenever I am in Barnes & Noble I always have to go over the wall of other journals. And this is exactly where I was when I spotted this particular journal.

I don’t know what name brand it is, it wasn’t labeled with one. It must be exclusive to Barnes & Noble perhaps? It did come with a small square sheet of paper explaining how the journal is made. And it is made in Italy by the way – the deciding factor on my purchase of this journal.

journal 3

Yes, I taped it to the inside of the back cover. For the life of me, I could not get this photo to rotate in the direction I wanted it to rotate. So you’ll have to tilt your head to the left to read what it says. Sorry. I tried cropping, resizing, rotating. It looks like it is rotated in the correct direction in the media library but when I upload it, it comes up like this. Again, sorry.

I am in love with this journal. It is a perfect size and it is flexible and pliable. It will lay open, flat, with some effort. I am going to have some fun filling these pages up. I thought about saving it for January 2014 but I can’t wait that long. I must start writing in it immediately. 🙂

My excitement is hardly contained when I think about writing great things (and a bunch of crap), filling up the pages, in this beautiful journal. That sounds wrong, doesn’t it? I am excited to fill up this gorgeous journal with a bunch of crap? You betcha.

This will be my therapy. I look forward to writing my Morning Pages. I will use this journal for all of my ideas, creative words, note-taking, lists, venting, essay first drafts, and only the pages of this journal will know my dreams, my wishful and lofty aspirations.

Yes, I am an old-fashioned kind of writer first and foremost. I still like to write longhand. I don’t write everything in longhand, obviously. I don’t write my blog posts out in longhand. I can type way faster than I can write. I guess I mainly like to write longhand when I am trying to clean out the cobwebs and get rid of a bunch of stuff, making room for more creative and useful things to come up and come forth.

Anyway, I am excited. Thanks for reading,

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