A Recky Award is Born

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A Recky Award is Born

So, I decided that I am going to create a blogging award and start giving it out at random. If people want to put it on their blogs, that’s fine. If they don’t want to put it on their blogs, that’s fine too. It’s not about recognition for me, it is for them. It’s just a fun little award to let the blogger know that I think about them and/or I find their blog fun and/or fascinating.

Meet Recky:

Recky Award
Recky Award

What is Recky’s story you ask?

Recky's Story
Recky’s Story

quotesWhat, you got a problem? No? Well Recky does. He is in desperate need of someone who is willing to listen to his stories and dreams. Recky is looking for a pal who knows where he’s coming from. You know, like how when you go to the store and buy an extension cord but come back with bags of snacks and toys, and you forgot all about the extension cord? Hey, life can get tough, we all need a little back up from time to time.

I’ve had this doll for about a year now. It was only today that I thought up the blogging award. But then I thought, “What sort of graphic can I put with it?” And there sat Recky, looking at me from his shelf. I went over and grabbed him up and started taking his picture. I thought, “He can be the face of my award!

But then, I thought, “What am I going to call my award?” That’s when I started reading his tag.

Hello?! He’s perfect for the job.

List of recipients thus far:

Bo Williams – Mr. December (2013)

FYI – Recky was purchased at the Books-A-Million located on the corner of the parkway and University.

Recky thanks you,

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