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A Snippet Of Conversation

The family went out to dinner tonight. We went to Wing’s to be exact. I love Wing’s. We had a great time, got our bellies full, and enjoyed our time together.

Towards the end of the meal, our conversation led The Gent to start talking about some martial art movie starring Bruce Lee and in the movie Bruce Lee has to fight Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. How our meal time conversation led us to this family dialogue I’ll never know. I think what reminded The Gent of this 1978 martial arts film was something about The Boy telling us a story while imitating an Asian accent (don’t ask), and at the table next to us was seated an extremely tall man.

Anyway, that is how it started…..

The Gent: “You know, that’s funny, I was just reminded about a Bruce Lee movie with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Bruce Lee had to go up several levels of this house and on each level he encountered someone he had to fight in order to keep moving up. Well at one of these levels was Kareem Abdul Jabbar, he had to fight him.”

Then The Girl pipes in with before The Gent was able to finish his thought with, “Hey, that happened on SpongeBob the other day. Yeah, SpongeBob was trapped at the top of this building and Sandy had to fight everyone to get him out. You know, Sandy knows martial arts.”

… pause here for a second or two while we exchanged blank stares and stunned silence …

Did I mention The Girl is 16 years old – yeah, old enough to drive a car.

And then I lose it, I can’t help myself, I start cracking up with laughter on my side of the table. The Gent leans into me and whispers, “Good gawd, she’s never leaving home is she?”

Here’s the scene of the movie:

Apparently Kareem Abdul-Jabbar really is a black belt.

I had to Google all the movie information but here is the title, I think, that The Gent is referring to; The Game of Death.

Seriously, The Girl needs to get a summer job.

Happy Tuesday ya’ll,

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  • Gracie says:


  • Bonnie says:

    Gracie is correct; Sandy DOES know martial arts, or kah-ray-TAY, to be more precise. In fact, in one episode, she and Sponge Bob sparred so much that Mr. Krabs got tired of it, and if I recall, he made Sponge Bob promise not to do it anymore, on threat of being fired. Sigh. I love Sponge Bob. 🙂

    • c.a. Marks says:

      I like Sponge Bob too but it was just her seriousness when she brought it up in a completely random way. LOL

  • c.a. Marks says:

    Ok, not completely random way but her seriousness in talking about it. LOL

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