A Writing Workshop

A Writing Workshop

So later this month I am attending the 2011 Memphis Creative Non Fiction workshop. In order to participate in the group critiquing portion of the workshop, all attendees were required to submit ten pages of creative nonfiction which include personal essay, memoir, travel writing, food writing, and/or journalistic writing.

I decided to go with personal essay and I wrote about the decision I had to make about sending my 12-year old son away to military school.

Well, yesterday I received all the other attendees writing. There are a total of ten people in my group (two groups of 10 for the entire workshop). Part of this group critique is for each participant to critique everyones work. Then at the workshop, we will come together for discussion.

I received my group’s submissions yesterday. I am excited to get started but also scared to death. I’ve never really done an “official” critique of anyone’s work before. I understand the process and can figure out “how-to” to give a constructive critique but it still scares me.

At any rate, I will be busy over the next week or so with this new assignment.

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  • Russell says:

    First, tell them what you liked (and why). What did you connect with? What did you read that you found yourself wishing you had written?

    Always start there.

    Then share with them the parts that you stumbled over, and offer a suggestion or two on other ways to approach a problematic section.

    Finally, keep in mind that the goal of every writer is to be read. So it’s the reader, not the writer, that actually matters in the interaction/transaction.

    Cool post!

    • Ms Marks says:

      Awesome Russ! I will write these points down so I can remember them. They are golden! Thank you so much for the input, I needed it. Because sometimes I can over complicate things.

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