Almond Butter Cookies, WK# 27 of My Year-Long Weekend Baking Challenge

Almond Butter Cookies, WK# 27 of My Year-Long Weekend Baking Challenge

Well, I was going to do a gluten-free, sugar-free pizza crust today and make myself a pizza for lunch. Instead, my sweet tooth reared its ugly head again and so I went with something sweet.

And while I was whipping-up this very easy cookie recipe I was thinking about how I am particular about my food textures. Most gluten-free foods have a different or unique texture and it has taken me a while to adjust. However, like I said, I was mixing up the batter for these cookies and thinking how I am still getting used to the texture thing when all of a sudden it hit me that I really don’t care about the texture anymore, I just want the sweetness fix!!

These cookies are SO EASY to do y’all. And the variations are endless. I did stick with using cinnamon but I did not put in the extra chopped nuts. I used a Pampered Chef scooper to load up my cookie baking stone. The scooper instrument was perfect for this job.

They came out perfectly baked and I found out that these particular cookies are great for dunking!

Almond Butter Cookies #glutenfree #sugarfree baking cookie recipe

Stay tuned, later this week I’ll put up my June giveaway. It’s The Joy of Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free Baking cookbook that I’ve been using for this whole challenge. I’ve already given away several of the books already! I think that is the most fun of this whole challenge, is the giving away of the cookbook!

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