Applesauce Coffee Cake, Week #20

Applesauce Coffee Cake, Week #20

A couple of weeks ago, before my life became busy with real life stuff, I left you with week #19 and a big ole fat flop – Lemon and Poppy Seed Cake.

I was also hoping that having taken two weeks off from this challenge that it would be all I needed to feel refreshed and ready to go for this week’s challenge. That I was able to put my disaster behind me.

Apparently not.

Not only did my Applesauce Coffee Cake not turn out right, neither did my hair today. I am so devastated about this result that I can’t even blog about it and I proceeded to have myself a sugary bowl of cereal for consolation.

A couple of photos of how it turned out. I didn’t even taste it.

apple sauce cake
Oh, and first I thought it was going to be fine…. and then….

apple sauce cakje 2
The only thing I can think of is that I let it bake too long. I should have taken it out at the prescribed time but our oven seems to undercook things at a normal temperature so I had let it stay in about 15 more minutes.

Oh well, live and learn. Life is not perfect.

And about the cookbook giveaway? Look for a post about that tomorrow. In the meantime, last month’s winner has never returned my email. I’ll try to contact her again.

Thanks for reading and please, share with me your cooking disasters! I could use some camaraderie right about now.

P.S. – I’m not really distraught about the baking disaster. It happens. It’s a lesson. In the long run, I dig lessons. 

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  • Mollianne says:

    Carol, I find applesauce cake to be difficult to make. My Grandmother made one that was delicious and I have tried repeatedly {using her recipe} to recreate that wonder from my childhood with multiple failures! Almost always with over/undercooking and/or consistency being the outcome. I think applesauce cake is hard! Good for you for trying!

  • Jessica A says:

    Don’t worry Carol, it happens 90% all the time in my kitchen. Most of the time it’s because I just love substituting and experimenting with ingredients (and now I am left with a huge bland chocolate cake that I am willing to let it go on weekend). I heard that applesauce can make cake dry quicker because of its low fat content. That’s why we need to shorten our baking time. Wish us the best for our baking next time! 😀

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