August Is All Jacked Up

August Is All Jacked Up

August slammed into me like a giant wave I wasn’t expecting. You know, like when you are at the beach, wading hip deep with your back towards the ocean and you are waving and smiling at your loved one who made the wise decision to stay on the beach when all of a sudden – BAM – a ginormous wave attacks you from behind and you go down like an anchor? Well, that’s what August has done to me. It surprised me when I wasn’t paying attention.

Last month was fine. I was organized and on top of my game. I don’t know what happened with August? I have a TON of stuff going on, that’s what.

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Son leaving for the National Guard – also, he has one more drill this month before he ships off and of course the last drill is in B’ham so I have to make arrangements to take him down there for that because his car won’t make it.

I have gout – which is putting a damper on EVERYTHING.

Work related stuff – planning a product launch, attendee at Space & Missile Defense Symposium, Ribbon Cutting, American Cancer Society Gala, and all sorts of Chamber events. Oh, and online classes and study groups too.

Getting The Nora Guild up and running with our first event – an author reading. I’ve gathered up three local authors who will come together for an evening of intimate reading from their latest work.

I’m lining up social media schedules all over the place and can’t tell if I’m coming or going.

Did I also mention I have gout? Yeah, I wonder how that will work next week for the Space & Missile Defense Symposium for which I am scheduled to attend and be in our booth all day? While gout is very painful, it is more irritating than anything and stressing me out right now because I have SO MUCH TO DO that I can’t be hampered down with gout! I feel so out of sorts because of this gout. Plus, I cannot do CrossFit and that TOTALLY BUMS ME OUT.

Going to Memphis on August 30th for the day.

And I’m still writing. Or trying to.

Anyway, August is all jacked up. My main concern is my son though. I reckon it is freaking me out more than I thought it would, or stressing me out.

I’d appreciate any Happy Thoughts you could conjure up for me.


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