Banana-Nut Bread, WK#24 Year Long Weekend Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free Baking Challenge

Banana-Nut Bread, WK#24 Year Long Weekend Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free Baking Challenge

Well, this is week #24 of my year-long weekend baking challenge using The Joy of Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free Baking cookbook. I’ve missed about three weeks in a row but I am picking right back up where I left off.

banana nut bread recipe baking

Today, I decided to try the Banana-Nut Bread. First of all, two things…

  1. I don’t have mini loaf pans
  2. I didn’t add the nuts

So I used my regular banana bread pan and it turned out fine. The reason I didn’t add the nuts? I HATE nuts in my banana bread. I know, I am probably the only human being on earth who doesn’t like nuts in banana bread.

Anyway, this banana bread is the closest I’ve come to the real thing than anything out of the cookbook. In other words, this tastes just like banana bread that’s made with regular white flour.

It was super easy to do and it didn’t take long at all to mix up the ingredients. It took longer to bake in the oven than it did to put together. It was fairly simple and straight forward.

banana nut bread baking gluten-free sugar-free

The only thing I would suggest is to get your specialty flours ahead of time because I can’t find sunflower seed flour in a local grocery store here. I had to order it online. So that is the only thing I’d say to be aware of when you are looking to bake something that is gluten-free and requires a specialty flour.

I probably could have let it bake a few minutes longer. That, or get me some mini loaf pans because the bottom of my loaf stuck to the inside of my pan. But it wasn’t anything too terribly horrible! LOL

Thanks for reading and the next giveaway will be posted sometime this week.

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