Baptizing the Ordinary and Mundane with My Very Own Vein of Levity

Baptizing the Ordinary and Mundane with My Very Own Vein of Levity

What does that mean anyway? The title of this blog post – Baptizing the Ordinary and Mundane with My Very Own Vein of Levity.

It’s something I came up with a while back when I was trying to figure out what style of writing I wanted to do, what sort of blogging, my voice, what would it sound like? What topics did I want to try and write about?

Hydrangeas, Flowers, Audrey HepburnThe ordinary and mundane of every day life is what I want to write about but I want to make it interesting, fun, thought-provoking, making the ordinary and mundane compelling and delightful. I guess it would be sort of like Seinfeld writing? Maybe? You know, how those writers took the regular every day crap and made it successful, made it something that everyone was mesmerized by. You know, something we can all relate to and laugh at?

Only I don’t want to laugh at everything.

Several years ago, I became a closet Sex and The City junkie. I know, it’s true. There, I typed it out loud for all to see and read. I am coming out about my Sex and the City addiction. And yes, I loved both of the movies too. Yes, I adore Sarah Jessica Parker/Carrie Bradshaw. There, by golly!

Oh, I would need to watch every episode like a political junkie watches 24-hour cable news. I would admire Carrie Bradshaw and her writing skills, shopping skills, man skills, and style skills. I wanted to be just like her.

One point in time I even started a blog called Sex and the South and my Mr. Big was The Gent. I sort of wish I had kept that blog. Of course, I let it expire and someone else has it now.

And then there is Nora Ephron too. I wanted to blog in a way that would reflect her style of writing and work. Same for Erma Bombeck. And Woody Allen.

So, we have Carrie Bradshaw, Nora Ephron, Erma Bombeck, and Mr. Woody Allen. Okay, the writers for Sex and the City (Carrie Bradshaw) were mostly men; Michael Patrick King and Darren Star. Some women writers included Jenny Bicks and Cindy Chupack.

Anyway…. I say all of that to sort of warn you of what is to come on my blog. I wrestled with the idea of starting yet a new blog but decided against it. I have this blog and it is the one in which I wanted to use to hone my writing skills anyway.

I don’t know what is to become of #LoveBunny. I may use it from time to time. But mainly, from here on out, it’ll just be me – Carol Ann Marks. Or c.a. Marks if you will, writing about the ordinary and mundane, baptizing it with my very own vein of levity.

Oy, I guess this means I need to go and rearrange, re-name all of my categories again.

Thanks for reading and I hope you stick around,

headlovebunny march 2014 CarolAnnMarks.comWriter. Blogger. Baptizing the ordinary and mundane with my very own vein of levity.

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