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Beepers & Big Bangs, II

Beepers & Big Bangs, II

Beepers & Big Bangs, II

Welcome to the second week of Beepers & Big Bangs – a GenerationX interview. This week we are interviewing Nicole Vickery.

Beepers & Big Bangs, II

I first met Nicole “online” where we became friends. We kept meaning to meet each other in person, at events, but things kept coming up and it never happened. Until one day she showed up to a Rocket City Bloggers meetup and it made my day! She is just as charming in person as she is online.

Please welcome Nicole as she guest blogs for Beepers & Big Bangs.

NicSrPortrait87Did you attend any rock concerts as an adolescent? If so, who did you see?
Attended several concerts, the two that stick out most were the Heart/John Cougar, American Fool, Concert at the VBC in 1982. It was my first concert, and I still can’t believe my parents let me go with friends given I was only 12 years old at the time. I had a red bandana wrapped around my left leg (just like JC), and I threw it on stage. He promptly wiped his face and threw it back out to me where my friend proceeded to grab it and claim the story as her own.

In 1987, I saw Huey Lewis and the News, Sport, concert, also at the VBC with my best friend and our respective boyfriends who were also best buds. We were students at Grissom while they played football at Huntsville High making the relationships a bit naughty given they were our arch rivals.

Drive-ins or roller skating rinks?
Huntsville did have a drive-in, and my parents took us there regularly in the mid to late 70’s, but they also liked to roller skate. Starting about age 9, they took us to Carousel Skate Center and I was hooked. Both parents worked outside the home, and Carousel made the best “babysitter” in the summers. My sister, friends, and I were there some weeks every day and night it was open. I actually learned to roller dance, like figure skating only on 4 wheels and was rather good. Entered several competitions winning locally and advancing to city finals a couple of times. My satin costumes trimmed in sequins were always great fun as well as getting new skates for Christmas every several years.


8-track, vinyl album, or cassette?
All of the above, my favorite sounds coming from vinyl…even now as much as digitized music has made for crisp, clean listening, I often miss the pops and scratches from a well-played album. We had an 8-track player in every car until 1980, and my father still has his Kenwood turntable and incredible collection of vinyl that we listen too often. Personally, I cannot say how many times I played Olivia Newton-John and Karen Carpenter, singing along hoping my chops would be ½ as good as theirs.

Favorite trend/fad?
Madonna’s wardrobe in Like A Virgin and Desperately Seeking Susan, I had the curly bob and neon clothes, wild skirts with a punk twist layering shirts. Circa 1983/84

Favorite video game?
Defender and Pac Man were my favorite video games. Others I enjoyed were Space Invaders, Asteroids, and Ms. Pac Man. Interestingly enough, I can still remember several of the patterns to clear Pac Man & Ms Pac Man screens. It’s amazing the silly trivial things one retains.

Did you work a part time job? Where? What?
In addition to my after school activities, I worked for McDonald’s where I met my HS Sweetheart. I also worked at Golbro on Airport Road. Both jobs were held simultaneously, alternating based on their workload and season. Every Thanksgiving I’m reminded of the long hours and sore feet from working the day after through inventory after the new year selling watches and high-end jewelry at Golbro. Looking back on those days, I recall so many valuable lessons learned from staying busy and working hard.

What is the one thing you would tell your younger self if you could go back in time Marty?
I would tell young Nicole to have more fun and take more risks! Do not take yourself so seriously, laugh at yourself, and make better grades. Most importantly, I would tell her to speak up against injustices against others as well as herself.

Favorite Saturday Night Live character? And why?
My favorite SNL characters were Mr. Robinson and Gumby both genius characters played by Eddie Murphy. He was always one of my favorite comedians, but as Mister Rogers and Gumby were staples in my house as a youngster he brought so much humor to their alter egos. These were late 70s/early 80s, and my mother would stay up squealing with laughter we both trying not to wake my father and sister. Great times she and I had together watching SNL.

And finally, beeper or big bangs?
Bangs – every trip to get a haircut, all a girl had to do was request her bangs be cut in a triangle to get that big pouf front and center of her hair. Tease and add Aqua Net if they were not big enough!

NicoleNicole Vickery, Executive Producer, a native resident of Huntsville, AL joins Silent Cries Productions, Inc, Wolf Entertainment Productions, on the cusp of years in the non-profit sector, several Board positions, most recently Adult Congenital Heart Association (ACHA) as well as serving as Secretary on their Executive Committee. Previously, Ms. Vickery was Chair and Executive Director of the SCORE Chapter in the Huntsville, AL area for two years prior to her most recent surgery as a Tetralogy of Fallot repair patient. Ms. Vickery has an extensive background, varied career experiences in both commercial real estate banking and government contracting as well as public relations and customer service. Additionally, her expertise in budgeting, event coordination, managing both commercial and government contracts as well as intellectual property management leads her to various consulting projects; she has also counseled start-up non-profits and assisted in procuring SBA loans.Nicole attended the University of South Alabama, majoring in Business Finance with a minor in Public Relations. She resides in Huntsville and devotes her time to CHD education through public speaking engagements and the use of social media. She has one daughter, adopted from China in 1996, currently a Senior at the University of South Alabama.

Beepers & Big Bangs, II


Thanks for reading and show me Your Moxie!

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