Body Beautiful for #bloglikecrazy

Body Beautiful for #bloglikecrazy

I am skipping my regularly scheduled “in the news” opinion piece today to do the #bloglikecrazy writing topic instead.

  1. nothing but depressing stuff on the news makes for unmotivated writer.
  2. the #bloglikecrazy topic today is way more fun, although, I have to admit also challenging.

The #bloglikecrazy topic for the halfway mark in November is Body Beautiful. We are to select a part of our body and write a post celebrating that part of our body.

Well, I couldn’t think of anything, not one single part of my body that I like. Nothing. I guess The Gent saw the panic on my face while I was sitting here in front of my laptop, staring at a blank screen, when he said, “What are you doing over there?

When I explained to him what I was thinking about, how I couldn’t think of any part of my body that I liked, other than, maybe, an elbow or forearm, he started rattling body parts off left and right. I gave him that look that says, “Your opinion doesn’t matter in this case, it has to be something that I like.” Of course he’s going to like most everything about me, he’s my husband after all. Or he was just being nice and helpful.

I guess I could say I like my skin. And when I say my skin, I mean it is soft. I have always had soft skin. But now that I am getting older, it is starting to show its age too. So my skin was out. And I used to have some nice legs that I was once proud of several years ago. Not so much anymore.

Then I remembered someone telling me I looked like a vampire. It was during an early morning workout and this woman I had met just weeks before, had blurted out that how I reminded her of a vampire. Just like that too. “Carol, you remind me of a vampire.

She had to have seen the look of horror on my face because she immediately followed it up with, “Oh, I don’t mean like a Halloween ugly vampire. No, I mean like the modern day beautiful vampires on television these days.

This is what I used to look like when she told me I looked like a vampire.


I don’t watch vampires on television so I really had no idea what she meant but others that overheard her say that I looked like a vampire tried to reassure me that it was a compliment. Well, okay then. I blame it on the short platinum blonde hair.

And while I thought about other parts of my body that might be acceptable, I didn’t think it would make for great photographs if I posted one of my ankle or shin or how my deltoid muscles are coming along nicely.

So I am going with my eyes.

Photograph taken tonight just for this post, November 15, 2013 and only filtered a little bit.


I’m okay with my eyes. I can paint them up with intense eye colors or just leave them plain. Either way, I’m good with celebrating my eyes. And this may surprise most but I am even starting to like my crow’s feet.

What about you? Can you think of some part of your body, right away, that you like? Or are you having a hard time too? It’s funny, we criticize ourselves so easily but when we see others it is always easy and quick to find something to admire, if not the whole package!

Thanks for reading and putting up with me tonight.

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