Bourbon Street, French Quarter, New Orleans

Bourbon Street, French Quarter, New Orleans

Bourbon Street, French Quarter, New Orleans

Here we are in New Orleans for a work-related Public Relations Conference. It is my first time visit. I have had absolutely no desire to visit New Orleans in the past. I chalk it up to watching too many episodes of COPS back in the day. Plus, all that news coverage from Katrina didn’t help either.

But here we are. And yes, it is exactly what I thought it would be; loud, vulgar, ripe, colorful, delicious, magnificent, scary, exhilarating, obnoxious, and ravishing.

I’ll say one thing that I wasn’t expecting – the food. The food is fabulous! I mean I had heard the food was good but my goodness, I had no idea.

New Orleans, French Quarter, Bourbon Street

Bourbon Street, French Quarter, New Orleans

As stated earlier, I’m here for a work related conference. The Southern Public Relations Federation Conference is being held here at the Royal Sonesta Hotel located right on Bourbon Street. The Gent tells me not many people can say they’ve driven down Bourbon Street but we did this evening in order to get to the hotel.

In the short little time that I’ve been here, just a few hours so far, I’ve witnessed one cultural juxtaposition after another. I don’t think I’ve seen this in any other place in my entire life.

So far, with the Whole Life Challenge, I’ve done okay with eating. Of course, this is only our first night here and I do plan to indulge myself in the fine cuisine of the French Quarter has to offer.

More to come later but in the meantime, you can get updates from my other social media accounts on Instagram and Twitter.

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  • Mollianne says:

    I honeymooned at The Royal Sonesta long ago in a galaxy far, far away {1977}. I hope you have a good time. NOLA is a wonderful place for photography, the antique stores are fabulous and I have spent hours lost in book stores and art galleries in the Quarter. I always try to go to mass at St. Louis and also to sit on the levee and just watch the river. And, of course, to grab a beignet or 12 at Cafe du Monde.

  • Rebecca says:

    I went to New Orleans during Spring Break while I was in college, about 7 years ago. My husband has never been, and we’ve been debating back and forth about taking a weekend trip there. What I remember most vividly was the Garden District. I loved the beautiful houses there!

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