Confession: I Hate Shaving My Legs

Confession: I Hate Shaving My Legs

I am a lazy woman. I hate shaving my legs. This is why I love fall and winter, so I can wear long pants all the time and not worry about shaving my legs.

It takes, what, like all of five minutes to shave my legs? I’m in the shower already, why is this a problem for me? I hate shaving my legs, I am just too lazy to do it. I don’t want to take those extra five minutes to shave my legs. I don’t know when I started to hate shaving my legs. Probably after I gave birth to my first child. Trying to find a few extra minutes for anything was like the odds of winning the lottery. So I just gave up.


I am also glad to know I am not the only woman on earth who hates shaving her legs. Here are some other women with me in our rage against the razor!

Barbara Younger from Friend for the Ride posts about hating to shave her legs.

Marino DelVecchio from Blogher talks a little bit about the history of women shaving off their body hair.

Even the Huffington Post wrote about this hatred. In the article, it states that we women spend 72 days in our lifetime shaving our legs. Or, 1,728 hours. The article also validated my loathing towards shaving my legs. I am not alone!

My revulsion to shaving my legs has nothing to do with political correctness or a battle of the sexes or modern day feminism. I simply hate doing it. I am lazy.

Just think about what I could do with 72 days or 1,728 hours!

  • 72 days of glorious travel or 1,728 hours of reading books.
  • 72 days of of redecorating my house or 1,728 hours of writing blog posts
  • 72 days of exercising and getting fit or 1,728 hours of watching classic movies

Oh the possibilities are endless.

Share with me your little love bunny confessions,

{Blogger’s Note – this post was originally published (July 2013) on my other blog, Blog Fifty. I am slowly reposting/republishing some of my favorite articles from that blog to this one.}

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