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Create-A-WOD : this is something I’ve wanted to do for a little while now. Of course, I have no idea if there is a science behind creating a WOD or not. I’d just throw together some of my favorite movements from CrossFit and say, “Go!”


Some of my favorite movements:

Overhead Squats
Handstand Pushups

While I listed Handstand Pushups, I cannot complete one. I can get upside down and lower myself to some ab mats but cannot get myself back up.

Some of my NON favorite movements?

Box Jumps

Although, I’ve gotten a lot better at all three of the above NON favorites.

I think I’d like to throw in some rowing or single-unders too. I can’t do double-unders yet, not consecutively.

So what would my WOD look like? I like an EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute) but I also like Rounds-For-Time.

Maybe I could create a couple of WODs.

WOD #1 would be a 30 Minute EMOM
Minute 1 – 15 Thrusters 65#
Minute 2 – 15 HSPU
Minute 3 – 15 Overhead Squats 65#
Minute 4 – 15 Burpees
Minute 5 – Rest

WOD #2 would be 5 Rounds-For-Time
10 Deadlifts 155#
20 Box Jumps
30 Wallball Shots
400M Row

The weight I listed for the Thrusters, Overhead Squats, and Deadlifts are what I would do. I am not sure how to list it for someone else or for Rx. Not a clue.

Do these WODS seem doable? Or too easy?

Ciao Mio Amore,

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