Creative, Compelling Content and Why I Blog

Creative, Compelling Content and Why I Blog

Every Sunday at 8:00pm central time, I try to participate in Mack Collier’s #blogchat on Twitter. Mack Collier is the author of Think Like a Rock Star and he is a social media strategist, trainer and speaker located in Alabama.

Mack and I met “online” several several years ago. I don’t know where or how or why but our paths crossed somewhere along the internet highway. It was back when I was young and immature and certainly before social media was around.

At any rate, now he is social media savvy and a pioneering guru of all things social media. I absolutely love his book Think Like a Rock Star. He is the creator of #blogchat on Twitter. Oh man, I used to be so nervous to even lurk in that chat on Twitter. I used to be very intimidated by that group of folks that were regularly participating in #blogchat. Here I was, just a personal blogger and really didn’t know anything about blogging or social media. All I knew, and still know, is that I like blogging. No, I LOVE blogging.

— Mack Collier (@MackCollier) April 7, 2014

c.a. Marks, Head Love Bunny
c.a. Marks, Head Love Bunny

People will probably call me a liar if I say that I blog solely for myself. This is mostly true though. However, I would like followers and readers too. But here’s the thing, I am not going to change the way I write or tailor my posts to a certain demographic or target audience. That’s just too much work. And quite frankly, it would take away the enjoyment I get from blogging.

So it is no wonder I get all crinkly when I read all the “experts” suggestions and tips and advice on how to gain more readers and how to create captivating and compelling content.

They usually dispense with the same old advice like:

  • Use attention getting headlines
  • Find out what your readers want and give it to them
  • Find a solution to a problem
  • Do How-To Lists
  • Be super specific with a niche
  • Track and analyze your blog’s stats

Those are just some of the repetitive things I read on the big world wide web about marketing your blog, self, brand, or whatever you want to call it. Of course, you always have the standard, “Content is King,” I don’t know who coined that phrase but I’d like to give him a dirty look right about now. Also, a catalogue of DOs and DON’Ts are a huge turn off for me too.

Who are these people that are dubbing themselves blogging and marketing experts anyway? Oh man, there was a day that I hung on every single one of their words. I don’t do that so much anymore. There are still a few that I like to follow and listen to, like Mack Collier. He doesn’t look down upon the people from his high mountain and set forth the commandments for blogging. He is down here with us, doing it too, and simply shares his experience. Thank you Mack Collier.

Anyway, so why do I blog? Well duh, because first and foremost, I like it. It belongs to me. It is something I can control. I have jurisdiction over everything. I am the boss/CEO and all that jazz. I am the writer, editor, and publisher. I used to get wrapped around the axle about not having a blogging niche. Just ask my friends, I’ve had so many different “types” of blogs it was ridiculous and quite frankly, embarrassing.

Now, I just have my name and I like this blog. I am thoroughly enjoying myself and if I get followers/readers and if I gather fellow Love Bunnies along the way, then so be it and great!

I blog for the simple and pure enjoyment of it. I think I have a voice and something to say and something to share. Most of the time I am thinking to myself, “Surely, I am not the only one who thinks this way.” And so I put it out there, looking for others.

And blogging is just plain old fun! Some people like running, some folks are passionate about food, and still, others like to dress up as science fiction/fantasy/comic/gaming characters and attend conferences. I like to blog. Ask yourself, why do you like the things that you do? Does it bring you enjoyment in some way? And now ask yourself, “Would I want someone telling me how to do it or change it for me?

I don’t think the why will ever change, for me. However, the methods and direction may change. Can I enhance it? Sure. Can I make it better? Yes. But those are in the results. My why will never change. My motivation will never change.

So anyway, I am sure I rambled on long enough not saying a damned thing. Ha! But I said it for myself. I know. I believe there is someone else out there thinking the same thing. And so I put it out there.

Thanks for reading.

You can run through the #blogchat yourself if you want at the Hashtracking Report, April 6th #blogchat.

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  • Ah ha!! OMG, get out of my head! 🙂 You have hit the proverbial nail on the head, CA, if we were attempting to answer the question, “Nicole, why are you 4 months late re-launching your blog?” The four plus years I’ve known you I have always been so impressed by your courage to write for YOU FIRST. Yes, one must consider traffic, audience, and their over-all role in the blogosphere; however, I maintain a firm grasp on motivation is essential to longevity. A blog is nothing if not personal, and the writer owning that fact will be far more successful than one who thinks they can churn out whatever the masses request. Audiences are far too fickle for that approach, IMO.

    My problem is I’ve had several blogs running in my head for a couple of years; and, I cannot decide how best to get started. I’ll start then change direction, realize I’m off course, try to correct and chicken out before anyone has a chance to read anything.

    Yes, I am simply afraid of failing. Yes, I am familiar with the sayings about failure being stepping stones to success and the like. Yes, I teach my daughter these lessons all the time (through actions).

    Why is this one area so difficult? It’s not like I’ll post an article online and it’ll suddenly be read by thousands. If a dozen folks read it that’d be a stretch. Everything you say I have thought and felt at one point or other. I’m certain I have something to say others would find amusing, uplifting, frightening, or maybe even tantalizing.

    What would you say to a “newbie” on blogging confidence & pulling the trigger?

    • c.a. Marks says:

      I would tell a newbie exactly what you just said, pull the trigger. Just go. Start. Sure, you’ll probably change directions a few times but that’s how you’ll find out for sure what your passionate about… right? Just do it, write, blog, hit publish. Do it for yourself first.

  • Mack Collier says:

    Thank ya darlin’, I’m just glad you’re blogging 😉 See you at #blogchat!

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