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CrossFit® Open Games 2016 Recap

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CrossFit® Open Games 2016 Recap

CrossFit® Open Games 2016 Recap

CrossFit® Open Games 2016 Recap

This year, I participated in the CrossFit Open Games 2016. This was not my first year and it most certainly was not a stellar year either.

I had let myself go, I had become lazy when I switched gyms at the end of last year. So upon returning to CrossFit, I was behind. It was like starting over again.

Nonetheless, I knew I wanted to participate anyway, in the games. I blogged about WHY last week.

CrossFit® Open Games 2016 Recap

I was not able to do the WODS with everyone else at my local box. Because I work retail hours, my schedule conflicted with the box’s schedule of events. So, I had to make appointments for all WODS with a trainer/coach/judge.

Basically, I wanted to get to at least 100 reps. I ended up doing 141. It was my first time doing jumping pull-ups. I kind of enjoyed it but I was surprised at how such a small movement can take so much out of you.

I totally hosed this WOD up, big time. I don’t know what I was thinking. Oh wait, yes I do. I had told myself (going in) that I just want to get through two rounds. And I did, easily, and then I stopped. WHY DID I STOP?! I wasn’t thinking I guess. Total reps = 178 I don’t know why I stopped, I could have done more. I guess once I had it in my head that I wanted to complete two rounds, and once I did complete two rounds, I simply stopped.

This may be the shortest WOD ever! It was a 7-minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible). I ended up with 79 reps (which means 5 rounds + 4 reps). Again, this was the first time in a WOD that I tried something new; the jumping CHEST-TO-BAR and OHEMGEE! WOW. I don’t know why but it surprised me how hard it was to do the chest-to-bar, but remember, I did the scaled version so that meant jumping chest-to-bar. But man oh man, it was still hard!

This one surprised me. I did a lot better than I thought I was going to do. My goal was just to get through the wall balls. I did get through them and I got through the row too! That surprised me big time.

Did not do. I was going to but then I realized (on the morning of, upon arriving to do the workout) that the requirement was to jump over the barbell (with two feet, at once) for the over-the-bar burpee segment of the WOD. I knew I was not going to be able to do that on a consistent basis. There was no time limit on it either so I would have been there for an hour trying to do this one. I may have to try it on my own, someday because I know I can knock out the thrusters!

You can look up all the WODS HERE.

So, having said all of that, I knew I wasn’t going to do well and I was okay with that fact. But now I have a baseline so to speak, a place from which to improve. And improve I need to do, big time! Challenge accepted. It’s all good and it’s all good for me.

I ❤️ CrossFit SO MUCH! I’ll be back for ya next year, I’m looking at you, Dave Castro! Next year, though, I’ll be at the early (beginning) of the Masters age-range for women instead of on the bottom. In other words, I move into the next bracket for next year and will be on the younger side of that scale.

CrossFit® Open Games 2016 Recap

Until then my friends…. EAT, PRAY, WOD!

Ciao Mio Amore,

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