Dallas Mill Deli in Huntsville, Alabama

Dallas Mill Deli in Huntsville, Alabama

I’ve lived in Huntsville for over 20 years now, 22 years to be exact. Granted, the deli has been serving customers since 2006 and new ownership as recent as last year, so it’s not like I’ve totally missed the boat on this one, it just feels like it. I guess I was driving by it once and noticed people sitting outside eating and that is what caught my attention. Normally, I am not an outdoor-eater but the deli’s outside atmosphere looked cute and welcoming.

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Dallas Mill Deli in Huntsville, Alabama

So when a friend of mine suggested we go to lunch one day, I decided I wanted to try Dallas Mill Deli. It was in a convenient location for the both of us, middle ground so to speak. We were to meet at noon but of course I get there way-early, because that’s how I am, and wanted to check out the interior situation beforehand. In other words, I wanted to take pictures for the blog before my visit with my friend.

Dallas Mill Deli Huntsville Alabama Dallas Mill Deli Huntsville Alabama
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The first thing I felt when I walked in was sort of like when someone meets their significant other for the first time with love at first sight and I found myself thinking, “How have I not found you before now?” What a cute and quaint little deli. The atmosphere was all old Huntsville but with a new polish that the deli itself portrayed; bright and fresh. It was clean, neat, orderly, and well organized.

DallasMill4When I say well organized I really mean sufficient? You walk in and they have a process to ordering. There is one area you go to, to line up to place your order, or get a grab-n-go, then continue on in line to pay for your food. There is a runner who brings the food out to you, very quickly I might add. After you pay for your food then you go fill up your drink and grab a table either inside or out.

The deli was very busy when I visited and had a constant stream of people coming in but they never got backed up with the food order and there always seemed to be a table available even though there was limited seating. It was like magic!

I ordered the BLT on rye and grabbed a bag of chips and drink. I so wanted to get the double-decker MoonPie too, but I refrained. The BLT was flavorful and I think ordering it on rye helped enhance the flavor. The bacon was think and plentiful. The tomatoes and lettuce were fresh. The sandwich was thick and full with all the ingredients, generous, but still manageable to eat.

BLT from the Dallas Mill Deli in Huntsville, Alabama

Dallas Mill Deli is now on my radar and will be a frequently visited establishment. Oh, and they have a food truck too! I’m going to speak with our HR department about this and see if we can’t get them out here to the office one day soon.

I’ve put the Dallas Mill Deli in the suggestion box for The Dining Dragon to review. She’ll do a much better job. I wasn’t really reviewing the deli, per say, I just wanted to share my experience. The Dining Dragon is a local Rocket City blogger who specializes in restaurant reviews. Read more about The Dining Dragon.

Read more about the deli and the Dallas Mill area history on their website.


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