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Dave’s Small Batch Coffee via Bourbon & Boots

Dave’s Small Batch Coffee via Bourbon & Boots

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Hello, my name is Carol and I am a Coffee Addict Connoisseur.

Really, what I am is a coffee snob. My husband, The Gent, turned me into one. I used to have no problem drinking Maxwell House or Folgers. There were even times when you would have caught me making instant coffee too.

Of course, you realize I was in the Navy for five years and so that is where I developed an iron stomach for day old re-heated coffee. And I wasn’t even on a ship!

Anyway, once I met The Gent, he turned me onto a more refined and sophisticated style and brands of coffee. We have a certain kind/brand that we buy and use but when the chance to branch out and try something new, I had to do it.

Enter, Dave’s Coffee. I have the Small Batch Tanzanian Peaberry whole bean. This weekend I decided to give it some grinding and try it out.




The ground coffee turned out nicely. I like a finely ground bean. This particular coffee is a medium roast. And I swear, when I first opened the bag I swear I smelled a hint of chocolate!

Normally, I like the dark roast, the darker the better. And Dave’s Coffee does indeed have a dark roast that is not for the timid, they say. But more on that later, this review is for the medium roast, Tanzanian Peaberry.


The coffee on the left is our regular roast that we buy locally. The coffee on the right is the freshly ground Dave’s Coffee, medium roast. You can see that it is slightly lighter in color.

I have to admit, I was a little skeptical, at first, seeing as how I am a coffee snob and all. Seeing the lighter roast made me a little hesitant but I continued on.


Black coffee is what I like best. Although, lately, I’ve been adding some sugar-free Italian creamer. However, I can drink my coffee black too, at any time.

I decided to try Dave’s Coffee black, at first. I was pleasantly surprised at its smooth flavor. It is fresh and crisp, what I mean by that is that there is no aftertaste. It is clean tasting coffee flavor, as it should be. It makes me glad I drink my coffee black. I don’t know if I should admit this or not but I drank the whole damned pot. Oh, I let The Gent have ONE cup.

But I also wanted to try the Coffee Syrup and so I added a teaspoon full to one of my cups. On the directions, it tells you to add THREE tablespoons. I didn’t want to try that much so I only added the one teaspoon full. I am glad I only added one, it was just the right balance. It gave the coffee a somewhat sweeter taste but it wasn’t overpowering. It was more like adding a quick shot of espresso!

Dave’s Coffe Syrup is made from cane syrup, water, and Dave’s roasted coffee beans. And that’s it. I enjoyed the one little teaspoon of the coffee syrup I added to my coffee but you can add it to anything. Try drizzling it over ice cream or adding it to milk and serve it over ice. There are other ways to use the syrup, substitute it for vanilla next time you are baking something up. Try it over chicken or steak on the grill.

Once you open the syrup, you’ll have to keep it refrigerated.

I ground up way more than I needed for a pot of coffee so I’ll take the rest into work and use it for my individual cups of coffee using my MiniMinit™ filters. I love those things and this coffee will be great that way too. Based on what I’ve had so far, I am definitely going to purchase the Extra Dark Roast called The Black Crow, it’s the darker roast I wrote about earlier in the post.

:: Anyway, if you’d like to try it for yourself, I can offer you a 5% discount code on your purchase at Bourbon & Boots

Just enter THIS CODE: blogcamarks14


If you do get some for yourself, please let me know how you like it.

Thanks for reading and happy sipping,

C.A. MarksBaptizing the ordinary and mundane with my very own vein of levity. CarolAnnMarks.com

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