Do U Need Some Business Cards?

Do U Need Some Business Cards?

Today’s great find is

I stumbled upon this business card building site a long time ago and I’ve used it several times. I have only used it to build and create personal business cards, a lot of them, but they also do other marketing materials. I have only need them for business cards so far.

img1The site is super easy to use and navigate. The prices are great. Customer service is superb. Only once did I have to return a set of cards and it was effortless. I didn’t even have to send my cards back, I simply got on their online chat and they asked me a few question. I sent them a picture of my cards and politely told them what was wrong. The customer relations person was very nice and didn’t give me a hard time at all. She immediately saw my concern, fixed the problem, reordered and shipped them out to me.

Again, I’ve used this site several times and will more than likely use them again.

I’ve started a new design just to use for this blog entry and here are some screenshots so you can get a look at how it works. But really, it’s not difficult to use at all.

This screenshot is where I started my new design. I uploaded the graphic I wanted to use. Just use their click and drag to drop it into the business card template. I also changed the background on this particular card to black. You can also do something on the back of the card, not shown here.


Here is a screenshot of my somewhat finished card. If I were to actually order these cards, I would probably keep playing with it, moving stuff around, changing colors, tweaking it here and there. If you are not done designing and need to walk away for a while, you can save the design, name it, and then it will be there for you when you return.


So this is my great find for you this week. I’ve been a satisified uprinting customer since January 2012.

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