Downtown with the Rocket City Bloggers

Downtown with the Rocket City Bloggers

Well, we had our big huge event last night. The Rocket City Bloggers, a group I helped establish, put on an open networking last night and it was called “Downtown with RCB.”

We probably had a 100+ crowd turnout to include local bloggers and business owners. I believe some connections were made too. So exciting because that is what it was all about; connecting bloggers with bloggers and bloggers with businesses.

  • A big huge thank you and shout out to The Eaves Restaurant for catering.
  • A big huge thank you and shout out to The Brew Stooges for their brew tastings.
  • A big huge thank you and shout out to Daniel Jolley, a.k.a. Buddy the Clown. I really wish now that I had been brave enough to have ask for one of his most awesome balloon hats!
  • A big huge thank you and shout out to musician Chris Wade.
  • A big huge thank you and shout out to the Downtown Huntsville Initiative

Oh, and last but not least, a BIG HUGE THANK YOU and SHOUT OUT to our The Huntsville Times. Their new location at 200 Westside Square was a perfect place for our Downtown with the Rocket City Bloggers event.


Please enjoy some images I took from last night’s Downtown with RCB.


A good time was had by all. It was a pleasure meeting new people and seeing some familiar faces. It felt good to introduce people to each other who would be a good fit in business and blogging.

I would guestimate a little over 100 people showed up. The Brew Stooges were there to do “brew tastings” and they were a huge hit with everyone. Chef Merle Phillips from The Eaves Restaurant provided our appetites with scrumptious appetizers. We also had several door prizes that were provided by various businesses and blogs. To see a full list of donations and prizes, go to our Rocket City Bloggers website.

Our first big social networking event was back in the summertime and it was co-hosted by the Visitors Bureau. We are hoping to get involved with them again this year to do another Meet & Greet.

Last night’s event, I took a backseat on this one and let others in the group have their hand at event organizing. And boy, am I ever glad I did! We had some key people involved and I’d like to thank them now:

Amanda Conger
Keith Parker
Sara Ogles
Amy Fisher Jones
Bo Williams
Nicole Castle
Nicole Vickery
Laurie Heard
Morgan Trotter

We have some talented, professional, trust-worthy, reliable, and creative people in our group. I am very proud to know them.

Please, enjoy some more photos taken by one of our own (Rocket City Bloggers) Nicole Castle at Finch Hollow Photography.

Thank you for reading and hope to see all of you love bunnies out at the next big event,

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