Fashionista & Single in the City

Fashionista & Single in the City

So, I have this friend who is phenomenal. I’ve always wanted her to blog. I wouldn’t hound her about it or anything but I would drop small suggestions and hints here and there like, “Oh, that’d be a great blog topic.” But I never felt like I pressured her to start a blog.

My friend, Cameron Starnes, is a singer/songwriter and she knows how to put her clothes on.

When I say put her clothes on, I mean that she is a stylish fashionista.

So finally, the other day she came to me and said, “Carol, I want you to help me start my personal fashion blog.”

Thanks be to God!

So, without further ado, here is Fashionista Single in the City. Cameron and I sat in Atlanta Bread Company yesterday afternoon, during her lunch break, and I helped her set up her very first blog. I am so proud of her. She “got it” right away too.

I wish her many blogging blessings.


I felt like a midwife helping a woman give birth. Okay, I really don’t know what that is like but surely these two things are similar.

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