February 2014 Goals

February 2014 Goals

Is it too late to list my February goals? No? Okay good. We are only one week in so I think I’m good.

I got this idea from another blogger and for the life of me cannot figure out why I have not thought of this myself – monthly goals! Hello!

Catherine over at Bailey Dailies listed her February goals and so I want to do the same.


Birthday Cards – get them out in the mail, on time. I already have them purchased so I am one step ahead of the game.

Contributing Blogger – I have an assignment I need to finish for Our Valley Events. Quite frankly, it needs to be done well before February is over. It needs to be done more like before this weekend is over!

Taxes – I need to get all of my paperwork and forms delivered to our accountant. I am so glad we pay someone else to do this for us. Cause damn.

CrossFit – my goal this month is to attend CrossFit at least three times a week. I’d prefer four days a week but I’ll stick to three days a week for this month and reevaluate for March.

Eat Healthy – Duh, a no brainer but I still need to write it down.

Blog – I’m going to say I’d like to publish something on my blog at least two times a week for the month of February.

To Do List – I have a huge to-do list for this month. I’d like to get them all checked off.

The Manchild – it is my goal to get the Manchild on his flight to Washington DC without freaking all the way out. It is my goal to maintain a level of maturity for a 47-year old. You see, my son is 17-years old and he is going to Washington DC, on a big ole air-o-plane, BY HIMSELF, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, BY HIMSELF to represent his school at a National Youth Council. I say he will be alone but they are well chaperoned during the event. But he is still having to get on the airplane, take off, and land in what might as well be a foreign country (Washington DC). He has never flown before. So yeah, trying not to go nuts that week will be a goal of mine.

Well, anyway, those are my flimsy February goals. Perhaps in March I can set the bar a little higher. We shall see.

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