Feeling Way More Than I Should This Morning

Feeling Way More Than I Should This Morning

I recently saw a thread of a discussion online where a couple of people (me being one of them) wished a certain something about a business in Madison County. Now, this wish was totally unrealistic at the moment but nonetheless it was a concern and probably the reason these particular handful of people have not yet frequented the establishment.

The business owner tried to be understanding and in their reply they attempted humor. However, the frustration and condescending attitude still came through. At least for me it did. I’m probably the ONLY person in the world, though, who caught it. I am just wired that way. And quite frankly, the response turned me off even more. I wanted to reply in the thread but decided not to because I couldn’t think of a way to put my words without sounding condescending right back but still wanting to have my voice heard. So I just said nothing but I’m tired of saying nothing so I took to my blog instead.

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Really, the conversation wasn’t anything bad. It was just a conversation in a private online group between friends. In fact, the conversation started off with a whimsical goodhearted innocent teasing type question from a wannabe patron. But the concern of this wannabe patron was also one of my concerns and reasons why I, too, have not yet visited. The reply from the business owner seemed to satisfy the initial inquisitor. So, I know I am feeling this more than I should.

I understand it is difficult, as a business owner, to keep the masses pleased especially in such a diverse society. You probably have to do and say things you really don’t believe-in in order to keep the peace. I get it. I’m sure it can be disheartening at times. I know people will abhorrently and uproariously disagree with that statement but if anyone is deep gut level honest anymore, they will know it is true.

Anyway, I wanted to address this on the blog instead of on social media. I felt it needed a longer explanation than 140 characters. And I realize that I am thinking about this way too long and making something out of nothing, I’m sure. I’ve been told before that I need to lighten up, be more laid back, take it easy, relax, stop being so bitchy. Whatever.

What about you, have you experienced any sort of discontent with business owners through the years? Especially since they are taking to social media more and more these days? It’s definitely a fine line for EVERYONE involved.

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