Friends, A Dinner Party #2 for the New Year in 2014

Friends, A Dinner Party #2 for the New Year in 2014

So, a few years ago I hosted a dinner party for some women friends. The intent was to host this dinner party in the month of January to start off the new year and forge new friendships. It was during Thanksgiving that I started thinking about the New Year dinner party.

For the record, the dinner party does NOT actually take place on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day. It is later in the month of January. Although, I have attended someone else’s New Year’s DAY brunch and it was absolutely fabulous and she had a great turn out.

When I hosted the dinner party back in 2012, I chose women I didn’t normally hang around with on a regular basis. I picked a handful of women that I knew about and wanted to get to know better. I want to host another one for 2014.

On another blog, I blogged about it once before, click here.

I was a little nervous about inviting the women I had chosen over for a dinner party. I mean we all sort of knew of each other but we never chatted on a regular basis and certainly never went out on a girls night out or anything like that. I knew most of them from Facebook and of course they were all local. We perhaps had other friends in common and we may have run into each other at a business networking event. I worked out with one woman in a class setting and followed her blog a lot. Another woman I got to know via Facebook and her photography. Most of us had mutual friends.

Do you know the thing that surprised me the most about this dinner party? Everyone showed up. Well, one woman couldn’t make it. We had a great time and no one felt awkward. There was never a lull in the conversation. I sort of sat back and took it all in. The women I invited also didn’t really know each other either. Sort of. When I made the invitation (via Facebook) and created the event (on Facebook) all of them could see who else was going to attend. It also meant they could see who else they all knew and had in common. It made for great conversation.

I had little games and conversational ice-breakers ready and on hand but I never needed them! It all went splendidly. It was my first attempt at formal entertaining too.

So I want to do it again, in January of 2014. I need to start working on my guest list.

After I did that New Year, New Friend dinner party in 2012,  I knew I wanted to host another one but with familiar girlfriends this time. So, last year during the holiday season, I hosted a dinner party for the women I am closest with and that I’ve known for a while. We’ve been through a lot together. One friend has dubbed us her Ya-Yas. Yes, those Ya-Yas.

While I was all caught up in the excitement of the first dinner party, I forgot to take pictures. But, with the Ya-Ya dinner party I did not forget.

YaYa Dinner7

So anyway, I am looking forward to planning the second New Year, New Friends 2014 dinner party! Oh, and I’ll probably also have the Ya-Yas back over soon too. 🙂

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