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Giveaways, I’m Not A Fan

Giveaways, I’m Not A Fan

What is it with giveaways on blogs? Is it supposed to get you an avalanche of visitors and new readers? If so, do they stick around after the giveaway?

I’m not a fan of giveaways on blogs. First of all, I don’t think it is genuine and second of all most blogs make it so difficult with “go Like my FB page, invite 5 of your friends to comment, Retweet this blog post explaining why you want the giveaway, and enter your name backyards every 45 seconds in between 4:00 and 4:20.”


Um no.

Anytime I see the term “giveaway” on a headline I delete or skip over it. If you really want to give something away just say so and pick a name in the comment section. Done.

I am sure I am in the minority here and I expect to get berated for this blog post but this is my opinion. I understand that this is a “marketing” idea to get more readers or visitors to your blog but like I said before, do they stick around? Are you supplying them with riveting content otherwise, when you aren’t giving something away? I don’t know, just sounds cheesy to me.

There are a couple of blogs out there that I do read on a regular basis and when they did their first giveaway I cringed. I was thinking, “Oh no, don’t go down that route, please, I beg you.” I did not participate in their giveaway. Well, I did help promote it once by retweeting their giveaway but it was only because I liked the bloggers behind the blog. I don’t know what their outcome was for the giveaway but I do know they haven’t done one since. I am still a reader and follower and probably always will be because they are HUMAN and I feel like I know the people behind the blog. They make themselves available.

But these other sites that have ads all over their blogs and just seem to write about what is trending at the time without any personal touches to their content? And then they want to “giveaway” something when really all they want to do is get hits to their site? Yeah, no. It is a huge turn off for me. More than likely I will not return to your site and take you out of my Reader if you do it on a regular basis.

I’m an old school blogger, I understand I won’t always understand the new marketing tools when it comes to blogging. I know I am not up to date with the young crowd. I’m a dinosaur when it comes to the intertubes. So I am sure I am missing something here with the whole giveaway thing on your blog. And blogs have changed over the years too. It’s no longer about chronicling something but now they are being used as websites and insincere content.

Does anyone remember webrings? LOL Lawdy! Yes, I am definitely showing my age now. Oh well, this was just a spontaneous Sunday morning blogging episode. Carry on.

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  • I’m not a huge fan of them myself. Some can be fun to participate in but if I have to jump through hoops or bother my friends to do it, it isn’t worth it.

    • Carol Marks says:

      I keep thinking I am missing out on something when I don’t participate but when I go read what all they want me to do, I just get put off by it. I don’t know, maybe I should give it another try next time.

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