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Happy Blog Birthday To Me

Happy Blog Birthday To Me

Apparently, back in October of 2010, this blog was created. Now, I’ve been blogging for way longer than a mere three years. I started back before everyone knew what a blog was, when Blogspot first came on the scene back in the late 1990s.

Since then, I’ve had several different blogs, so it is totally conceivable that I started this blog at some point in time, October 2010 to be exact.

Happy Blog Birthday to me. This blog is the oldest blog that I’ve kept around after reinventing myself over and over and over throughout the years. I think this blog was created because I wanted my name as a domain and at the time I had another one, Carol Marks Online (, and so I think I transferred a lot of that content over to this blog and turned off Carol Marks Online, eventually.

Nonetheless, here I am at and I like it.


For fun, I thought I’d try to remember all the different blogs I’ve had over the years. I am probably forgetting some but here is what I can remember.

My first ever blog was called:

  1. Yeah, Right, Whatever
  2. An American Housewife
  3. Alabama Improper
  4. Sex and the South
  5. Carol Marks Online
  6. The Editorialist
  7. Girl Gadabout
  8. Blog Fifty

I know there have been more than that but those are the ones I can remember.

This blog, I will definitely keep because it is my name. I also think I have finally designed it to where I like it.

Thanks for reading,

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  • Happy Bloggy birthday! 🙂 I’ve had a couple other blogs over the years as well. I started out on “Xanga” as “connimom” then I moved to blogspot with MrsMamaHen (where I blogged for YEARS) but I also had mirror blogs other places – “Country Kitchen” on Homestead Blogger and Homeschool Blogger. There were a couple “private” blogs like my blue star one…but I think I’m settled now. 🙂

    • Carol A. Marks says:

      🙂 Isn’t blogging great? I don’t know if I’m settled yet or not. Every time I think I am, then something changes. Ha!

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