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How I Plan My Day

How I Plan My Day

How I Plan My Day

I’ve blogged about this topic before; How I Plan My Day. I have adopted the bullet journal concept but of course customized it for my needs.

How I Plan My Day

bullet journal, how I plan my day
I like this size, fits nicely in my handbag making it easy to carry around.

I am still an old fashioned visual kind of person and still need that monthly layout.

But I also like this list format as well. On the left is my personal agenda and on the right is my work schedule.

Blog editorial calendar!

The daily tasks. I love the feeling of marking stuff off this daily list.

I have a separate notebook (but in the same leather cover) for notes, bog ideas, recording my workouts, writing out my goals, and whatever else I need to write down.

Not pictured is a plastic insert that has a pocket and zip lock pouch that I can store stuff.

My leather cover is by Makers South, a local business.

This blog post has been written for #BlogSpringFever – blog every day in April.

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