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How To Make Moxie Irritated

How To Make Moxie Irritated

How To Make Moxie Irritated

Today’s #BlogSpringFever topic is a How-To post. You can write or blog about anything How-To.

It is all the rage on the internet, you know the ones, they’ve been around for a few years now. All the irritating How-To blog posts.

So why did I include them in the #BlogSpringFever challenge? I have no clue. Why not, right? Maybe I was desperate at this point in time for topics when I was making the list of prompts. Who knows. But here we are on April 16th with the prompt of How-To.

I’ve created a list of How-To-Make-Moxie-Irritated. More specifically, how to make me irritated quickly.

  1. Rummage around in your purse looking for whatever, in a quiet setting.
  2. Chomp and pop your gum.
  3. Having a barrage of How-To blog posts come up in a social media feed. I don’t mind the occasional How-To blog post from a genuine personal lifestyle blogger but when it is from what looks like a spam site or a business and that is ALL THEY POST, I get irritated quickly.
  4. Talk with your mouth full.
  5. Drive 60 MPH in a 70 MPH zone.
  6. Using a turn lane as a merge lane.
  7. Donald Trump.
  8. Repetitive noise. Can be anything that is tapped, rapped, patted, or thumped in a continuous monotonous annoying way like endlessly tapping a pencil on a desk over and over again or flicking a pen open and shut over and over again.
  9. Using the word “uh” a lot when speaking.
  10. Or using the word “like” a lot when speaking.
  11. Lying to me.
  12. Other people’s undisciplined children.
  13. People trying to explain something they know nothing about but just decide to make crap up as they go along. Or, as I like to call them, BS’ers.
  14. Chit Chat, just get to the point, what do you need/want from me?
  15. Surprises.
  16. Being a smart-ass, ridiculous sarcasm, or stupid snark over and over again. If that is all you have in your repertoire then don’t bother me.
  17. Dragging your feet, literally, on the floor as you walk. Lazy. Stop it.
  18. Your way or the highway, close-minded people.
  19. Donald Trump.
  20. Taylor Swift.
  21. The Kardashians.
  22. Reality TV.
  23. Being a flake, and what I mean by that is that you constantly, over and over again agree to something and then at the last minute, you bail.

Perhaps I should stop there, I think that’s enough.

Ciao Mio Amore,

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