I Remember Nothing – A Nora Ephron Series – #2 Who Are You?

I Remember Nothing – A Nora Ephron Series – #2 Who Are You?

The second chapter in the book titled I Remember Nothing and Other Reflections by Nora Ephron is called Who Are You? It is three simple vignettes of I Know You, Have We Met, and Old Friends in which Nora lets us know that she has been in all kinds of situations where she cannot remember the person’s name of whom she is talking to, or where she may know them from, or if they’ve previously been introduced, and even the challenges recognizing friends from years gone by.

Nora Ephron I Remember Nothing Book Blog Series Review

We’ve all been there too. I was just there today as a matter of fact. It is becoming a daily occurrence. I keep shaking it off and not putting too much emphasis on it right now. I blame it on short attention span thanks to social media. At least that is what I am telling myself today.

This morning, while having coffee with a couple of girlfriends, we came up on a subject and conversation that I could have sworn I had had with one of them before. I kept asking, “Wasn’t it you that I told that to?” Or, “Weren’t we just discussing this on Facebook messenger the other day?” Of course, we had not. I only thought we had.

I can’t even distinguish between real life and a dream! Sometimes I wonder if I had a real conversation with someone but it ended up only being a brief few seconds of a dream I must have had at one time or another. And maybe it wasn’t even with that same person. I don’t know about you but I’ve been having more and more realistic dreams lately. Is that something that happens in middle-age?

And of course, I have had the exact same things happen to me as Nora Ephron explains in her second chapter of I Remember Nothing. I know I’ve met you. I know your name but can’t remember it at this very moment. Where did we meet? Who are the some of the people that we may know mutually? Did I previously meet you at a business networking event or was it at a casual get together?

Or when my husband is telling me about something and he says, “You know him, we ran into them at The Star Market and I introduced you to them.” All I do anymore is just nod my head at him in agreement because I don’t want him to know I don’t remember a damned thing about that introduction or chance meeting.

I am amazed I can even remember the names of the people I work with on a daily basis. Sometimes I do forget. I can look right at them and forget their names, or I get them confused with someone else, a different co-worker. You know how you get your kids names mixed up from time to time? Yeah, that kind of thing.

Sometimes, I will be so caught up in trying to make a mental note of your name that I won’t even hear the conversation you are trying to have with me. I’m trying to match your name with the color of your hair or the shape of your nose so that I can remember your name again if we ever bump into each other in the future. I may even be counting the syllables of Elizabeth on my fingers in order to try to get it to stick somehow.

Please don’t think of less me when I tell you that I even wonder if I am calling my own husband by the correct name. I do, of course, but there is that brief nanosecond after I open my mouth and wonder what name may pop out. It may even be the other reason why I call him The Gent.

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