I Remember When

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I Remember When

I Remember When

I remember when. This blog post is just a memory bank dump of things I remember when I was a kid growing up in the 1970s into the 1980s. It was a great time. I am so glad I am Generation-X.

I Remember When

[I remember when adults smoked on airplanes, inside buildings, at their desk.] [I remember when gas was under a buck.] [I remember Jimmy Carter as President and the hostage crisis.] [I remember when ski boots were popular to wear for women.] [I remember when the mini-series Roots aired on television. I watched it and was amazed!] [I remember Close Encounters of the Third Kind.] [I remember cigarette machines.] [I remember tin cans instead of aluminum cans.] [I remember Atari video game system.] [I remember CB radios.] [I remember 8-tracks, in cars too!] [I remember when drive-in movies were popular.] [I remember answering machines.] [I remember playing outside all day, until dark.] [I remember component stereo systems.] [I remember NOT having a microwave.] [I remember NOT having cable television.] [I remember beepers.] [I remember roll-on clear flavored lip gloss.] [I remember teeshirt clips and neck cutout sweatshirts.] [I remember Trapper Keepers.] [I remember the soda called Slice.] [I remember arcades.] [I remember mixed tapes.] [I remember Polaroid cameras.] [I remember Sun-in hair products.] [I remember bathing in the sun with baby oil and iodine.] [I remember break dancing (not me personally).] [I remember John Lennon being shot.] [I remember Ronald Reagan as President.] [I remember Lady Di and Charles wedding.] [I remember when EPCOT was being built. I lived in Orlando for a short time.] [I remember when the AIDS virus was identified by scientists.] [I remember having a crush on Sean Cassidy, David Cassidy, Richard Hatch (Captain Apollo) and Dirk Benedict (Lieutenant Starbuck) from Battlestar Galactica.]

There is a lot more that I remember but I’ll leave you with these for now.

What do you remember from you childhood? Do you have a list? I wonder what Millennials will remember.

I Remember, #GenerationX

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  • Chloe Koffas says:

    I laughed when I read your memory about people smoking on planes. I remember trying to figure out, as a kid in the early ’80s flying by myself, if it was rude for me to ask the cigarette-puffing adult next to me to please not blow smoke over my tray table because I was trying to work on my Strawberry Shortcake coloring book. Some things were better then, and some things are better now….lol. That’s pretty cool that you saw Epcot being built – what a fun piece of history to see as a kid!

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