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IFB Links a la Mode for January 1

IFB Links a la Mode for January 1

IFB Links a la Mode for January 1

I have re-discovered the Independent Fashion Bloggers again. I used to follow them all the time and then quit for whatever reason. I liked to follow them because they had great blogging advice, tips, and suggestions. And once a week, they have this link round-up called Links a la Mode. I enjoy following it and discovering new blogs to read. I hope you do too.


Happy New Year!

If you’re still in your pajamas, you’re not alone. Take it easy today, the holidays are officially over. You can start your resolutions tomorrow, but if you’re at a loss as to what to resolute, check out these links from IFB’s most dedicated members!

Links à la Mode: January 1st

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Thanks for reading and show me your moxie!

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