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I’m On Periscope

I’m On Periscope

I’m On Periscope

Periscope is all the rage these days. So I had to check it out. And you know what? I am so glad I did. It is like YouTube married Twitter, or something like that, maybe. But different.

No more fancy edited wrapped up nicely with a bow YouTube videos where I have to agonize over editing and learning how to cut in music and crap. YouTube is dead to me now. I’ll still use it to watch my favorite YouTubers though, but I won’t be using it for myself.

I am a Periscope junkie now! Holy cow! It fits my brand better anyway – talk about “Grit” – live-streaming, no editing, and people get to interact with you live. Authentic and true and gritty. I love it.

I’ll have to change my Moxie TV category to something like Moxie Scopin’. Ha!

Anyway, if you are on Periscope, won’t you follow me at MoxieBeautiful, of course.

Already, I’ve been to Italy and New York City to follow folks around while they film their daily lives. One LifeStyle Blogger in NYC, calls herself Tigerwon, that I follow regularly and I am looking for Italian Scopers too. I am having to cull through the crowds to find the right one but it is worth it.

I also asked my friend who lives in Germany to give it a try. She and I had a great little visit/chat on Periscope the other day. I got to see where she worked and lived! I suppose you could do this with Skype too, I guess. I don’t know. I have never given Skype a try.

If anyone uses Skype and Periscope, can you differentiate please?

Skype is a face to face telephone conference? Where Periscope you can follow anyone live who has the app?

Whatever, I’m on Periscope, please follow along and let me know if you are on it too.

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