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Introducing The Blog Bombastic!

Introducing The Blog Bombastic!

Introducing The Blog Bombastic!

Get ready. Here it comes. Starting in November, The Blog Bombastic.

Introducing The Blog Bombastic!

What is the Blog Bombastic you ask? It is a remake, of sorts, of a Blog Carnival called The Bonfire of the Vanities. And it had rotating hosts. Everyone in this particular circle would submit their worst blog post of the week to be roasted and snarked upon by host/hostess of the week.

It was fun. It was awesome. And I was privileged enough to be a hostess one time. The host/hostess would gather all of the submissions and then create one big blog post on their own blog where he/she would insult/razz/tease/lampoon/parody each entry with enthusiastic mockery and good-natured ribbing. No wonder I want to resurrect it. Doesn’t it sound like fun?

Doesn’t it sound like fun? It is much better than all of that old stiff upper-lip, unrealistic Pinteresque perfect-like linkup parties going on these days.

Honestly, it is purely a promotional stunt for your blog. So let’s have some fun with it, shall we? But I don’t know how well this will go-over. It may sink faster than a cement block but I want to give it a shot anyway. I bet money that people won’t understand it, not nowadays. We shall see.

Go find those horrible articles of yours and get ready. Entries for submissions will open November 1 and I will provide a separate Entry Form.

(Hint, your entries don’t really have to be terrible).

Thanks for reading and show me Your Moxie!

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