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The Gent and I decided, a few years ago, that the family needed a pet. So in search of one we went, which really meant the job defaulted to me. While The Gent agreed on obtaining a dog, I don’t think he wanted to initiate the process. Personally, I believe he was hoping I’d do my usual giddy-with-excitement dance and by morning I’d be so totally over it that I would not follow through. But I really wanted a dog. The Gent underestimated me this time, just this once. I hate to say it right here out in the open, in public, but The Gent is normally right.

So I started the search. I rant into a friend of mine who told me about a woman who saved rescues and had a little lap dog that might work out for us. I placed the call. The lady was very nice and asked me all sorts of questions like, “How big is your family?” And, “How much time do you plan to spend with the dog?” Really? But anyway, I allowed her to come over and bring her rescue; a Jack Russell. Yeah. I know. Look, we are a laid back family and we need a laid back dog so needless to say the Jack Russell didn’t work out for us and we knew it as soon as they made their visit with us. The woman totally understood and was not upset with us at all, in fact, she was quite relieved at our honesty.

By this time I was over it! I wasn’t going to bend over backwards to try and find us a family dog. Sure, I’d still look now and then but it was no longer my mission.

However, shortly after the Jack Russell debaucle, The Girl comes home with news of one of her friends’ dogs needing a good home. I was leery. But The Gent seemed to be OK with at least checking it out. So we told The Girl to let her friend come over with the dog. And that was that, we had our dog. That was nearly three years ago.

Jack adapted quickly. He became part of our family instantly. He is like a child for us. I baby him way too much and have been prone to pull a Paris Hilton every once in a while by carrying the dog from room to room, especially after he’s been groomed. The Gent usually rolls his eyes at me, in a playful sort of way but I think he’s just jealous.

About a year ago I started hinting around to The Gent that JackJack needed a playmate; a little brother or sister. I thought it might be a swell idea to pair Jack up with a cat! The Gent’s eye rolling this time was none too playful. A cat person The Gent is NOT. But I kept putting the feelers out there, dropping phrases every so often, sending him photos of kittens via email from the PetFinder websites. Silence from The Gent. His absence of communication in the cat matter was confusing me. I didn’t know if this meant he was softening and beginning to break, to think about it, or did it mean he was still being stubborn and determined to remain a catless home.

I did not abandon my mission. I merely reevaluated and honed my approach.

This time, I let it slide for a while and didn’t mention the cat idea for a few months. Some time went by and then I did it. It wasn’t on purpose, nor was it vengeance on my part. I was so totally innocent, sort of, when I told a friend we would take in one of her kittens from a litter she was trying to unload.

I couldn’t help myself.

I saw the cute little thing on a Facebook photo and then it just happened, seemingly out of nowhere; I messaged my friend saying, “We’ll take one!”

Uh oh. Crap, can you undo send on Facebook email? No, you cannot.

“OK Carol, don’t panic, The Gent is a reasonable man, he loves you regardless, and we’ve only been married two and a half years. Maybe we are still bound to the honeymoon phase?” I have a feeling I just extinguished that notion and instantly launched us into full on war phase – think Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas.

Nonetheless, I had to stiletto-up and face the firing squad. This was not the first corner I had backed myself into. Possessing the extensive knowledge and experience in this delicate art of manipulation, I was confident I would emerge the virtuous patron. A plan was hatched.

At dinner, while passing the mashed potatoes, I made the announcement, in front of the kids. Yeah, you know it. The Gent would not outwardly display his disappointment with me in front of the them. That’s why he is The Gent. I was softening the verbal exchange which I knew would come in just a few short hours, when The Gent and I were alone. Before I could ask for the gravy, the kids eyes lit up and the expected, “Really?!” rang forth in unison. “Yes, really,” was my response just as normal as if I was answering if the sky was blue. I cut my eyes over to The Gent to see if I could glance his expression; eyebrows were raised but I could see a grin trying to be stifled. I exhaled with relief.

No other conversation took place later in the evening except to discuss with the kids the chores and responsibilities associated with being a cat owner. Basically, the same conversation we had with them when we decided to get a dog.

Master of his domain
The next fire I had to put out was the fact that our cute, little, adorable JackJack-dog really wasn’t an animal person (yes I just referred to our dog as a person).

Whenever we took him for a walk he’d bark himself hoarse at other dogs walking by. And not to mention he killed a chipmunk on our back patio. What if he thought our new little kitten resembled a chipmunk?! Jack was so used to having the place to himself all of the time, would he become jealous and mean?

My worries become meaningless when we brought our kitten home and JackJack behaved himself and even seemed, to me, to be elated to have a playmate. See? I was right all along.

The Adventures of JackJack and JillyBean… To Be Continued…

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A middle-aged, petite, CrossFit athlete. #MoxieFit50

  • wickedmess says:

    LOVE IT! LOL! Yay for The Adventures of JackJack and JillyBean! I bet the future grandbabies would love a collection of stories! Actually, that’s not a bad idea for a series of books for children.

    Golf Guy and I are working our way up to a puppy. We’re at the stage where we’re exchanging photos from Petfinder. (And the rescue people are always like that, just so you know. I’ve never adopted from one but I’ve known a few personally. They take the screening process really, really SERIOUSLY! LOL!)

    “Personally, I believe he was hoping I’d do my usual giddy-with-excitement dance and by morning I’d be so totally over it that I would not follow through.” We are so much alike it’s not even funny!!!

  • c.a. Marks says:

    I know! We are soul sisters.

  • The Gent says:

    Gent read and….. approved!

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