Jim ‘n Nick’s BBQ

Jim ‘n Nick’s BBQ

How come no one has ever told me about Jim ‘n Nick’s BBQ before? And more importantly, why do we not have one here in Huntsville?

Oh Em Gee! That was one of the best pulled pork sandwiches I have ever had in my entire life. The Gent and I decided to stop off for lunch yesterday when we were returning from Montgomery.


What made my experience so special? First off, I had never eaten at a Jim ‘n Nick’s before. Secondly, the pulled pork was so fresh! I don’t know enough about BBQ to talk about it intelligently but I know what I like and how to compare it to others. It was like they had just smoked it that morning or something. Other restaurants might take a day out of the week to do the long task of smoking and BBQing and then put it all in a cooler only to pull it out each day and chop it up to serve.

I promise, I almost did not order the sandwich for a couple of reasons:

  • trying to do sugar-free, gluten-free
  • and every other pulled pork sandwich has only been mediocre. meh.

But Then I decided, “You know what Carol, you are at a new place, new BBQ joint, how can you NOT order the pulled pork sandwich?” And so I did. I chose wisely.

Oh, and they also served (complimentary) these little muffin things. They were shaped like a muffin but were sort of like a corn muffin? It was sweet and also had cheese in them. OH MY GOSH, to die for!

Typing this up is making my mouth water again. That pulled pork BBQ sandwich was SO GOOD. It was fresh and flavorful. It was a little messy but worth it. They served pickles on the sandwich too but they were not regular ole dill pickles. They were bread and butter pickles and that made all the difference to me. Nothing like a little sweet to go along with some tangy.


Oh please, please, please, let us get one here in Huntsville soon. I know we are already over saturated with restaurants as it stands. I know I am asking in vain, no one will support another BBQ restaurant, especially one that charges what it is worth.

Oh well, I’ll just have to carry myself to Cullman to get my fix. I just looked up the locations and apparently there is one in Cullman.

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