Land’s End Extra Large Tote Bag for Travel

Land’s End Extra Large Tote Bag for Travel

A couple of years ago, for Christmas, a friend gave me this Land’s End extra-large tote bag as a gift.

I always coveted these types of bags when I saw others slinging them around but for one reason or another I never got around to ordering one for myself. So when I received this tote bag as a Christmas gift, I was elated and beside myself.

Land's End Tote Bag

This tote bag is great for travel, especially if it is for an overnight or short road trip. I just used it this weekend to go to my son’s school for military day/weekend.

I didn’t need any other bags because of this Land’s End large capacity for carrying everything I need. I didn’t need a separate bag for toiletries or my makeup bag. I didn’t need an extra bag for shoes or anything else. I was able to pack two outfits, two pairs of shoes and all of my toiletries for a weekend trip in this bag.

Having my name embroidered on the bag makes it even more special and I love it. I’ve been trying to find this same color on Land’s End in a smaller tote bag but I cannot find that particular brownish/wine color anywhere on the site. I’m super bummed about that too. I’d like to start a collection of all sizes.

Anyway, yes, The Gent and I went down to my son’s school for their annual military day and sword drill performance and military ball – it is their form of a prom. They also honor the seniors at this event. Some of my family members from Ohio came down as well; two of my aunts and my grandmother (my son’s great grandmother). It was a special weekend for us indeed. It was bitter sweet because while I loved having my family there with us, I also know it will be our last military ball with Lyman Ward Military School. The year is coming to an end this month and we will only have one more trip to make; The Manchild’s graduation.


Lyman Ward Military Academy has been a HUGE part of our lives over the last five years. I will miss the culture and the family of LWMA.

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