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I’m gonna tell you what God loves; that’s the truth! I am so grateful for November 30th, the last day in November and therefore my last “gratitude” blog entry.

Ya’ll, it’s been tough trying to come up with something new that I was grateful for every day and then trying to make it a blog entry. I felt like I cheated most days with just a quickie-less-than-250-word entry with no description or story to go with it.

So this much I’ve learned from gratitude blogging for 30 days – that I much prefer to take my time with something I am writing and put my voice into it, weaving a creative story.

Overall, though, I’ve enjoyed participating in the #bloglikecrazy and the See Jane Write gals. But, it was my idea to do the 30-days of gratitude on my blog because I thought it would be easier for topics. Boy, was I ever wrong. See Jane Write sent out writing prompts with some fantastic ideas and I have saved them for future blogging. You can stay tuned for those blog entries!

But yeah, I’m thankful that it is November 30th and my gratitude blogging is over. I know, that just doesn’t sound right. I want to make it perfectly clear, however, that I loved the idea of #bloglikecrazy and the women associated with this event. I did have fun in that area and enjoyed getting to “meet” some new bloggers and writers. Thank you to the Birmingham Janes for allowing a north Alabama gal to participate with you.

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