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Me, Unfiltered

Okay, if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter, you know that I post selfies quite a bit and I like to use the heck out of some filters.

People will tell me how beautiful I am but I am always replying to them with, “It is all about the angle and the camera filters! I don’t look like that in real life.

So I thought I’d share a selfie I took this morning. I am not wearing any makeup and I didn’t even fix my hair! After taking the photo, I immediately started applying filters galore.

But for once, I thought I’d share the original photo along with all the filtered-up versions too. I guess since my 47th birthday is next month, I am starting not to care what others think about me, so much. Maybe. Maybe not.

The first image is the original image, UNFILTERED. The next two after that I applied the special camera app filters.

Me, unfiltered. Original selfie on 11/23/2013
Me, unfiltered. Original selfie on 11/23/2013
Filter #1
Filter #1
Final #2
Final #2

I took the original shot with my iPhone and regular old camera app that comes with the iPhone. After I took the photo, I opened up the Camera+ app and imported the image and started playing around with the filters and effects options of the app until I found something I liked.

After finding the right filters I then uploaded it to Instagram where I applied the final filter.

So yeah, there ya go, there I am in all my glory. Meh.

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