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My Coffee the MiniMinit™ Way

My Coffee the MiniMinit™ Way

Oh my gosh y’all, I found THE BEST thing ever! These cute little individual paper filters for coffee or tea by MiniMinit™. Now I can bring my favorite coffee from home into the office with me and have my very own cup of Celebes anytime!

Celebes is the coffee we purchase from our local roasters, The Kaffeeklatsch.


I swear, I don’t know how I lived before discovering these clever little commodities.

Of course, if you are a tea drinker, these are perfect for you too. You can use your loose leaf tea!

Just simply add your coffee (or tea) to the filter, hang it on the stick and place this in the coffee cup, pour in hot water. You’ll have to pour the hot water a little at a time so as not to overflow the tiny filter. Let steep or brew for however long you see fit and then remove filter and enjoy your cup of freshly made coffee or tea.

You can purchase them online but like I said before, I bought mine right here in Huntsville at The Kaffeeklatsch for $3.95. Mine came with 40 cute little individual filters and the stick to hold it in the cup was included.

Anyway, I was just so danged excited I had to share it with you all. Why yes, I am easily amused.

Happy sipping,

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