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Modifying a CrossFit WOD When Injured

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Modifying a CrossFit WOD When Injured

Modifying a CrossFit WOD When Injured

Finally, an actual picture of me in our local CrossFit box. Today I wanted to talk about modifying a CrossFit WOD when injured. I always leave the modifications up to my coach/trainer. I mean, I know with an injured knee I can’t do squat – ha ha, see what I did there. No, for real, I know I shouldn’t be doing any sort of squatting movements with a significant amount of weight on the bar, that’s for sure. It seems obvious the only thing left to do is to do shoulder-to-overhead.

But just the other day the METCON had wallball shots and thrusters in it and I had no idea what to substitute for those two movements. The coach told me to do kettlebell swings for the wallball shots and push presses for thrusters. Oh! Kettlebell swings instead of wallball shots. Yeah!

Modifying a CrossFit WOD When Injured

My knee, for whatever reason, is giving me discomfort. I stayed home for a few days trying to rest it, ice it, nurse it. Eventually, my coach checked up on me and suggested I come on in and we’d figure out something for me to do, just to get me moving.

Today’s WOD was a bunch of back squats. Obviously, with this knee I can no do back squats so I did shoulder-to-overhead instead.

The first part of the WOD was supposed to be:

Every 2:30 minutes perform the following:
8 back squats, then 6 back squats, then another set of 6, and finally ending with 4 sets of 4 back squats. So 7 sets of various reps and increasing weight as you went.

I ended up just doing some shoulder presses, push presses. I was partnering with another gal who was doing back squats and so I just did the weight she put on. Ended up being a few reps at 85# and moving up to 95#. My one rep max of a push press is 120#.

Then, the next part of the workout was the following:

A ladder is what I think they call this –

As many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in an 8 minute timeframe:

3 power snatches
3 toes-to-bar (I did knee raises)

6 power snatches
6 knee raises

9 power snatches
9 knee raises

…and so on and so forth, get as any rounds and reps in as possible in 8 minutes. I got a full set of 12s in and then plus 8 reps (started on 15). You increased by 3 each time. I stayed at 55# for the power snatches the whole time to work on technique, form and to take it easy on the knee.

My knee is getting better. I had a massage last week and a few days of rest. I am also continuing to ice it on a regular basis and wearing comfortable shoes at work. That’s the thing, I think work is what is making it slow healing. I am on my feet all day and that can’t be good for a sore knee. But oh well, we’ll get through it and it IS getting better.


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