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Moxie, Relaunched

Moxie, Relaunched

Moxie, Relaunched. So I’ve recently gotten over a little spell of self-pity. Ugh, I hate when that happens, when I get all down in the dumps, compare my insides to everyone else’s outsides. Stupid social media. Ha! It’s totally my fault. I know better. But I still allowed myself to get sucked in and sucked down into the black hole. Thankfully, it wasn’t that deep this time. This is my Moxie, Relaunched.

I think what triggered it, this time, was my trip home to Ohio last week. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED going to Ohio and seeing my family. I didn’t want to come back to Alabama. I was homesick. And I KNEW this was going to happen when I got back to Alabama, it happens every time, but this go ’round I didn’t prepare for it. I knew it was going to happen but I did not take the time to prep for the mood swing. I honestly don’t know what I could have done to prepare for it anyway.

However, being aware of what was happening was good enough. I knew I was homesick when I got back to Alabama. And I knew it was causing my sadness and emotional disturbance. So I did my very best to just get through the day, and I did.

But before I even went to Ohio, another factor was in play; social media – it’s the part where I was starting to compare my insides to everyone else’s outside. The outside part where everyone posts about their wonderful and glorious life on social media. I was getting nauseated with all the self-absorbed, look-at-me content. And trust me, I know I am a big huge part of that clan too. I do it. I post selfies, travel photos, #MoxieFit50 challenge, the wonderful and healthy food that The Gent prepares for me, and all sorts of other “self-absorbed, look-at-my-life” content. I am guilty. Yes.

Moxie, RelaunchedAnd I was getting sick of myself, which in turn made me start getting sick of other’s posts as well. I could see myself in them and I didn’t like what I saw. It’s when I started to seriously think about going back to my old-fashioned Blackberry. Ha!

Sidenote: I have not yet gone back to the Blackberry but I keep it charged just in case. 😉

So I’ve been doing some soul-searching and have decided that I am done putting on a show. From here on out you’re gonna get the real Moxie Beautiful, the real C.A. Marks. The content probably won’t change all that much, not really. But I am promising myself to be my most authentic self and will try to NOT make this blog into something it’s not.

From now on, it will probably be less “Glam” and more personal opinion stuff. But yes, I will definitely still post about fitness and health and CrossFit and #MoxieFit50 because that is my true passion and something I believe in with all of my heart and soul.

But also, I want to blog about real life – MY real life and what I think or believe on any given topic. I want to blog and write more about Generation-X stuff and I have thoughts and opinions about what is happening in our world today. I hope to write about a lot more “GRIT” and a lot less “GLAM” – there, I said it. But if I want to write about my favorite beauty products for Fall, I’ll still do that too but I guess what I am trying to say is that the blog will be less regimented.


I’m going back to the old-school blogging days. Like back in the day when I had the blog titled Alabama Improper where I blogged freely my thoughts and ideas and beliefs. For too long now, I’ve gotten caught up in the new-fangled because-the-internet-says-so kind of branded marketing and blogging where everything is bright and shiny and made up of lists and shortened to a 250-word post and we live and learn from short snippets of taglines, and lest we not forget the awful and overdone desperate HOW-TO posts. Ugh!

Nope, I’m bringing sexy back with old-school blogging. I hope you enjoy the new Moxie Beautiful. Moxie, Relaunched.

Gah, that felt good and I hadn’t realized how much I missed putting words together for a more sober piece of writing. Moxie, Relaunched.

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