Moxie Shorts #16

Moxie Shorts #16

Moxie Shorts #16

I had a momentary lapse in the Moxie Shorts segment. So without any further explanation, here is this week’s Moxie Shorts, resumed.

Moxie Shorts #16

  • Nashville trip for pleasure.
  • Atlanta trip for business.
  • Haircut coming up, just a trim because I’m still trying to grow it long.
  • Took a shopping trip to Leeds, Alabama to the Shoppes of Grand River.
  • Had a Bobbi Brown makeup lesson, all official and everything.
  • Christmas and New Year came and went since my last Moxie Shorts segment.
  • My sister and nieces came to visit, from Ohio.
  • I cannot believe that January is nearly over already. My February is looking dismal compared to January.
  • Thought about changing the focus of my blog, for a minute. I have tweaked it, a little. I hope you will be able to notice, not just graphically but content-wise as well.
  • You do not know how happy I am that Denver beat the Patriots. I cannot stand the Patriots. I don’t care who wins the SuperBowl, not really. I won’t be upset whoever wins but I guess I’ll pull more for Denver because of Peyton.
  • I’ve been being lazy with my workouts, not attending Iron Tribe as much. But I am working on getting better about my attendance.

That’s it I guess. Thanks for reading.

Ciao mio Amore,

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