Moxie Shorts #20

Moxie Shorts #20

Moxie Shorts #20

This is my life, in short snippets from this week. Moxie Shorts #20 is a weekly series where I post little tidbits from my life that are not worth the long drawn out blog post. Instead, you get a hodgepodge of happenings of my Moxie Beautiful week.

Moxie Shorts #20

* Completed CrossFit Open Games WOD 16.4 better than I anticipated.
* Hair cut this week but it was just a trim, still trying to grow it out.
* Had a massage by Janie Day at DayDreams Therapeutic Massage.
* I believe I am trying to fight off the crud that has been going around.
* Had three days off in a row, got the house cleaned thoroughly.
* The Girlchild left the nest this week. That’s all I have to say about that. It’s all good, I guess. I was just not prepared.
* Oh! New theme on the blog, how do you like it? I LOVE it.
* Blueberry ice cream is back at Connor’s Steak & Seafood Restaurant at Bridge Street. I am in deep trouble!

Well, I guess that’s it for this week.

Ciao mio Amore,

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