Moxie Shorts #28
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Moxie Shorts #29

Moxie Shorts #29

Moxie Shorts #29

My life in short snippets, or bullet points if you will with Moxie Shorts #29. This week on Moxie Shorts, find out about my new PR and going to the shooting range.

This week on Moxie Shorts #29

Hair cut today! Just a trim. She actually took some more off the back so the front can catch up. Oh, and got my eyebrows done too. Whew! I had let them get out of control!

It’s hot. And summer hasn’t even officially started yet.

It’s been super slow at work. But it is June and retail in Huntsville in June is awful! This town is NOT a destination town. People LEAVE it in the summer.

PR’d my box jump this morning. I can now box jump 20″ And I thought I was box jumping 18″ Ha!

I have been eating extremely healthy and have lost close to 2 lbs. It keeps fluctuating between 1 and 2 lbs this week. I am in full #MoxieFit50 mode now.

Still enjoying the book I’m reading, Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter.

Yes, I am in the middle of the process of switching planners, AGAIN. Just stop. Don’t even. I know, I know.

Went to the shooting range last week, this time with The Gent. I love me some shooting! Getting better and better. I love my new Remington RM380. Received it for Mother’s Day.

I’ve pretty much given up watching any kind of news. I haven’t watched the news in probably 3 weeks. I don’t even watch Fox News anymore. I barely watch Fox Business in the morning either. I put it on Mike & Mike or find something else to watch.

Attended a friend’s housewarming party. It was cool to see her new forever home and I’ve been following her on social media too, watching her get moved and settled in; skunk problems, fence building, and all.

Obviously, I’ve fallen down on my blog this week. I’ve not had the time to update. I have a couple of days off coming up at the beginning of next week and I’ll get back on track.

Found a woman CrossFitter in my age group to follow on social media. OH EM GEE! Shellie Edington on Instagram. She’s 51-years old y’all.

Been to CrossFit every day this week, and last. I even went for a 2.8 jog/walk on Sunday. #MoxieFit50

Father’s Day is coming up. Are you ready? I am. 🙂

Ciao Mio Amore,

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A middle-aged, petite, CrossFit athlete. #MoxieFit50

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